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Reporo Mobile Advertising Ad Network Review

Today we are talking about the reporo network review, The network is one of popular adult ad serving advertisement network.


About Reporo :

Reporo is a London based company. They are running a Premium Mobile Adult Ad Network which can name a slew of quality internet brands among its publishers. They are  also operate Mwah and Phwah mobile social network which have built up a large user base of enthusiastic followers over the last few years.

Reporo is a corruption of the latin word to transact, Repora. We operate one of the World’s Largest & Most Lucrative Mobile Ad Networks. We currently serve billions of page impressions and millions of redirects per month.

Reporo provides global reach for advertisers across more than 200+ countries along with worldwide monetization for publishers via its sales offices in the UK, US, Japan, India, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Holland, Argentina and Mexico.

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Reporo Network Details :

Commission Type: CPC,CPM,CPA,Adult,Mobile
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: NET 45
Payment Method: Paypal
Country: UK
Contact Email: [email protected]

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Benefits of Reporo:


Our network is restricted to good quality mobile content publishers. We believe that by closing our doors to non-specific mobile content that we can provide better conversion rates for the advertisers using the network, and thereby maintain higher revenues for the publishers.

• Get The Highest Revenues
• Market Leading Technology
• Unrivalled Global Monetisation
• CPM, Flat and Revenue Share
• Tailored Commercial Terms

We have been developing relationships with our advertisers for over four years and many of the biggest names in the business include Reporo as a strategic partner. Our direct sales team generates direct publisher-to-advertiser relationships. Through this connection we determine the highest CPC that the advertiser will pay and are able to price our inventory at the top of the advertisers CPA range.

Do I qualify?
If you have traffic from a hand held device then YES! Perhaps you don’t have a mobile site of your own or maybe you sell all your mobile traffic directly to one company. If you are doing any of these you might not be getting paid the most for your total traffic.

How does it work?
Our network of thousands of advertisers target their campaigns based on territory, handset and billing options. Each redirected user is worth a different amount to every advertiser depending on how easily they are converted in that country. We simply give the advertisers only the users they can convert and they pay the highest CPR (cost per redirect) for this targeting.

Why will Reporo Benefit me?
• Highest CPR (cost per redirect) possible for each user
• No wasted users
• Higher overall revenue for your traffic
• 100% of traffic monetized

How do I sign up?
You can begin a trial very quickly. Fill out the form by clicking REGISTER and we will contact you with the relevant information. It is as simple as supplying you with a URL to redirect mobile users to – the rest is up to us!

Please share your experience with us by commenting.

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Reporo Mobile Advertising Ad Network Review was last modified: May 25th, 2016 by Karan Sharma
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  1. I know Reporo, they are biggest and really one of the best mobile ad networks. I’ve been using them for my adult, men’s health and gaming sites. Now I’m using the system of It’s an ad managing system, it monitors CPMs in different networks and automatically shows the best offer on my site. My profit has grown up nearly +60% since I’ve started using AdSpy.

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