For most careers nowadays, you’re going to need the right gear. The right equipment. Whether it’s a new suit for business, some Dickies boots for hard work, a mic to record your voice into or some new photo-editing software, there will always be gear that you need for your career.

In some cases, it might just be a trip to an outfitter before an interview or job. In others, you will need to study and learn about the uses of equipment before you get a job. Gear is the key to unlocking your career in one way or another.

Let’s take a look at clothing. You can dress for success in the workplace. Wearing better clothing at work in the office doesn’t need to be a huge upgrade for you. Throwing a sports blazer over a white t-shirt can get you started before you move onto some more tailored options. Small and calculated adjustments can have huge results for you and the first steps are the most important here.

Clothing can be used as a way to improve your career. The saying goes that you should dress for the position you want, not the one you have. Good, tailored clothing can give you the confidence to succeed at work. Designer brands can be useful here as the names of big brands in clothing do project an aura of power and success thanks to their marketing and advertising. A good suit makes it look as though you care and if you are speaking to clients it can help relax them and grant their trust in you – something that can’t be said for a t-shirt!

It goes for interviews as well. You need to assess the situation, but in most cases – you can’t overdress for a job interview. Groom yourself well – cut your hair and have a shave. If you’re a woman, neat hair and a calm application of makeup won’t be a bad idea. Dress to impress no matter the stage of your career.

Right Gear
Sometimes, equipment is a pre-requisite of a job. Strong boots, hard hats, computers. No matter what it is or how cheap/expensive it may be – if it is going to be used in your desired career path – you need to master it. That’s easier for clothing items that are required on some workplaces, but for tools – whether they are physical or digital, it requires a bit of work.

Practice makes perfect. If you’re into editing of any sort, be it images, video or audio – practice in your spare time and create a portfolio. It could be radio shows hosted on Mixcloud or designs on Deviantart. If you want a role in the creative arts industries; you’re going to have to master the tools that matter for the job you desire.

There’s plenty of options out there for improving your career prospects. Whether it is mastering the digital tools on your computer or dressing for success, there’s no reason to stop improving as you search for your next role.

Karan Sharma
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