We all want our business to stand out in one way or another. But finding the right method to make it stand out is hard. All too often, when companies try to reinvent the wheel, they end up missing their target audience and, frankly, messing up & it will be easy to showcase your business.

showcase your business

Getting the balance right between doing something a little different, but not straying too far off the beaten track is difficult. That’s why I’ve put together a list of funky ideas that both showcase your business and don’t depart too far from the norm.

Stop Motion

If you’re planning a video advert online or even on television, why not consider stop motion. Perhaps the most famous example of the use of stop motion is in the Wallace and Gromit films. Essentially it’s the practice of taking a static set, taking a picture, moving it slightly, and then taking another picture. After repeating the process several dozen or hundred times, you end up with an animation with a unique effect.

Stop motion photography has now made it to the world of advertising and your business can hire companies that specialize in the art. No, you don’t have to use putty models of tea-drinking Yorkshire-folk. You can use anything you like. And, if done correctly, the effect is one of both punchiness and alternativeness.

Publicity Stunts

It’s difficult to imagine how publicity stunts can fail. Usually, the objective is to do something that people find interesting that generates publicity as a byproduct. Perhaps you might consider doing something that gets you entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

But even when it is evident that the stunt is shamelessly for publicity, it’s hard to imagine the push for publicity backfiring for a startup. Even thinly disguised stunts can prove to be beneficial if nobody has heard about your business before. So long as you don’t have a strict corporate image to maintain, any publicity is good publicity, within reason.

Of course, you don’t want to go for infamy. But shamelessly pursuing recognition in the short term can make your businesses successful in the long term.

Self-Published Books

Backing up what you say with a book or two never hurt anybody. In fact, if you have publications to your name, you’ll find this a great help in trying to convince others of your expertise.

Make a point on all your advertising and correspondence that you’re an author. Put it up for sale on Amazon and give away copies to anybody that shows up to your events.

Outsource “Word Of Mouth.”

Word of mouth is how most businesses ultimately end up doing a great trade. Customers talk to each other about their experience. And good experiences lead to follow-up business from an ever expanding circle of acquaintances.

Word of mouth is powerful because it’s not seen as coming from the advertiser. But what if it was? You can now pay people to use word of mouth to advertise you business, even if your customers won’t. Yes, that’s right. You can pay people to stand around on street corners singing your praises to passers-by. It’s weird, but it works.

showcase your business

Karan Sharma
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