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8 Things You Know Before You Start A Successful Blog

So you want to start blogging. You already know that there are tons of blogs talking about virtually anything in the world, and chances are there are already people who had the same ideas as yours. How are some blogs better than others? How do you outrun them?

Read these fool-proof tips to have start a successful blog that is sure to keep reader interest and positive returns. Grow your blog into an income-generating machine with these simple yet essential steps.

start a successful blog

Domain and Hosting are important

The truth is out: blogging is not for free. Sure, there are free hosting sites that serve as platforms for you to host your content, but all for a price. The content is not fully yours and monetizing the blog is nearly impossible. Consider investing in a domain you can call your own and reap all the benefits of having your own URL.

Choose the right blogging platform

If you do decide to go free, choose the right hosting service. You can take a look at their UI and find out which works best for you. Are you always mobile? Do you prefer e-mail blogging? These questions could help you determine the right platform. Have a look at the following sites to know more:

Discern your niche

How do you stand out in a sea of blogs that talk about the same topic? That is your niche. Try to offer something that other blogs don’t, and stick to it. It could be something as simple as linking products they can already use, giving out discount codes or maybe inviting guest bloggers once in a while. Whatever it is you do well, keep on doing it.

Research the market


It’s never enough that you know who your target market is, how old they are and where they live. Try to dig deeper because psychographics is always better than demographics. What are their online habits? What kind of ads turns them off? Do they like going online in the morning or at night? These are things that you need to know to give you an edge against other blogs.

Write compelling content

Good content isn’t good. Your content should be compelling enough that it will incite action. Will your article make them change their lifestyle for the good? Will it move them to purchase a product you’ve been advertising? As the owner of the blog, you should know that good content isn’t something that can be bought with advertising or boosting. Compelling content is the heart and soul of your blog.

Utilize social media to promote post

Almost everyone is in social media, and so should you. Sometimes, going to a blog means opening the browser or a new tab with its own loading time. People will not go out of their way to read your content. You have to subtly inject yourself in their news feed and make yourself relevant to them. Avoid becoming a distraction that they will shut out forever.

Construct big connections early


Just like in joining a new workplace, you need to know which connections you need to become bigger in the future. What kind of blogs or personalities do you want to be associated with? Are they a threat to competition? You may want to predict those kinds of connections early on to get ahead of everyone else.

Grow a mailing list

In the blogging world, traffic is king. Have a mailing list opt-in feature that makes the readers feel that they will gain more than you will gain from them when they subscribe to your e-mails. Give them gratification such as prizes or exclusive content when they subscribe. But more importantly, use the e-mailers as a way to get content out that you cannot publish to your blog.

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Vincent Hill is an expert writer who writes on different categories like start blogging, content writing, blog design and much more. His writing is not only descriptive but also meaningful. He loves to share his ideas on different categories.

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