We’ve all considered starting a new career, Maybe things at your current place of work have degenerated, or perhaps you’ve changed and want to make a difference in the world, or do you just want to try something different? These points can give you something to think about.

Starting A New Career

Think It Through

First you need to be sure, don’t quit work just because you’ve had a bad day, or leave without lining something else up. If you can you want to leave on good terms in case you need to return at some point.  Weigh everything up, but put your happiness at the top because that’s what is most important. If need be you could end up going to university to give you the best chance of success, just remember to talk it through with those around you, they can sometimes offer the best advice, and if you don’t think you can speak to anyone, try a careers adviser.

Go For Non-Profit

If you really feel like you want to make a difference then going for a non-profit company can really pay off. You can help the community around you or even the wider world, giving you the great feeling that you’re actually helping the people around you. There are even some great companies which can help you get jobs at nonprofits.

Work From Home

If you’ve had enough of your daily commute then maybe working from home can be for you. You’ll need to ensure your workplace is properly organised and keep yourself disciplined but there are a great many benefits. Home work suits freelance work, but there are many companies who offer a work from home alternative and should be considered if you’re thinking about switching careers.

Use Strategic Networking

Networking is important for all job seekers, but for people seeking new careers it’s even more vital. You must connect with people who can introduce you to the people who recruit in your chosen path. When you meet new contacts, make sure they know why you’re a good fit for the type of job. Use social media tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter to  target individuals who can be your allies and develop relationships with them. When you target your networking and do it in a calm and professional manner you could find people who will advocate your recruitment, it’s a great tool if used with care.

Don’t Get Transfixed On A Must Have Salary

Money is the biggest roadblock for most people wanting to change career. Chances are when you start-over in a new career or move to a nonprofit, you’ll need to take a salary cut, at least to begin with. If you have funds to buy you time, you can to do a more thoughtful job search. Cut back on your living expenses to reflect a more realistic view of what you’ll earn. What are the things that are important in your life? Consider what you can give up, if only in the short term.

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