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Blog for Your Life: An Easy Guide to a Successful Healthcare Blog

To have and successfully maintain a blog seems to be a must these days, and if you’re running a blog on health, you’re in good company. With the entire Internet full of tips and tricks on how you can live a long and happy life, your blog can benefit from the additional research.

Successful Healthcare BlogIt is a broad topic; including everything from a professional mental health blog to social media content on which super foods you should be eating now, health blogs can be both useful and stigmatized – sometimes, both at once.

As a matter of fact, having a blog when you’re in the healthcare or medical profession is both good for credibility and incredibly useful for your target audience. Some questions are embarrassing to ask, others occur in the middle of a sleepless night, and sometimes it’s just perfect to let a blog boost your motivation for eating right and exercising.

Give your blog and audience a treat by making use of these handy tips – it will increase your traffic a bit, encourage you to find useful content, and turn it into the kind of blog your patients or clients deserve.

Goals and Target Audience

As it is with every service we offer in life, we need to know who to offer them to. Some blogs are full of knowledge and advice that very few can take advantage of; others are disastrous in their research, but people seem to visit them over and over again. Your blog is going to be both informative and popular, so listen up: it’s all about marketing.

In a competitive game, such as online content creation, you need to know the basics whether you like it or not – or pay someone else to do it, as it is with everything in life. Recognize who you’re trying to help, as well as where the blog is going to be – if it’s going to be hosted on the site of your clinic or stand on its own.

All of this can help you with choosing a marketing platform and identify the type of keywords your audience is likely to use in order to find you. Read up on SEO here or hire someone who already knows what they’re doing – it’s no shame in outsourcing, you know, it will just cost you more than doing it on your own.

Finding the right content

Health care is an umbrella term, and you need to figure out what you want to cover. A general wellness blog is less technical and doesn’t cater to a specific group, so you can freely roam around topics such as dental care and top ten foods to eat after a workout – just remember to make the posts more specific so they don’t drown in the vast ocean of wellness posts out there.

Successful Healthcare Blog StackbuddyAs a professional blog that offers medical advice, however, you should cater to the age of your patients, clients or coworkers, and find topics that they will find interesting. With a business-to-business blog, you need to focus on a different set of advice than you’d give to your patients, for example. Keep it accurate and relevant with content on the best products for other healthcare professionals, such as comfortable nursing shoes or the best mental health software, to make sure your blog stays relevant and useful.

When you offer medical advice to patients, think about the kind of questions you might face as a professional. Answer these in meaningful posts, include relevant keywords, and make sure the blog is visible for those who might find it useful. It’s the whole point of your blog, after all, so most of your time should be spent on researching topics and communicating with your current audience.

Ask them for help on what they would like to read about next to make sure they stay loyal. You don’t want another healthcare blogger to steal them away from you while you’re not paying attention.

Share it!

Those you work with are able to make your life a lot easier, just reach out and ask for a bit of help. If you’re the only one talking about your blog and sharing its content, it’s going to be a monolog and not a discussion. Send links to doctors and nurses at your clinic to share with their patients, ask to be included in newsletters, and consider submitting guest posts to other medical blogs.

It will give you visibility on other platforms than your own and will help you to build a network with other healthcare bloggers.

Mention them in some of your posts and watch as they return the favor; competitive friendships are the best ones, after all, and healthcare professionals need to stick together.

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