Testing is an essential part of the life of a digital business, whether you choose to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur at the head of a team. Testing guarantees that you understand the service or product you deliver, that you can deliver it in the best possible conditions, and that your users – or clients – can make the most of your offer. As it so appears, testing is inherent to the success of your digital career. But there’s a downside to it: Testing is not only time-demanding, but it opens the door to biased judgment and technical blindness from the creators of the service/product/digital interface, etc. Indeed, it is tricky to test the validity of your online business effectively: The main questions that you might be struggling with are what to test and how to establish an unbiased and constructive testing platform? Below you will discover three ways of testing your online business: Scrutinize your skills and abilities – and the ones of your team –, review the quality of your online tools –this is especially important if your clients only engage digitally with you –, and finally, put yourself into the user’s shoes.

Test Your Full-Time Online Career

When you decide to embrace a full-time online career – let’s say blogger for the sake of the example, with a helpful guide here http://www.makeyupdates.com/tips-full-time-freelance-blogger/ – you will first need to gather sufficient experience so that you can share a trustworthy portfolio with your potential clients. The same argument is valid for any other digital career, from web developer to online craft seller. You need to have a solid resume to convince future buyers that you are the one they need. To put it in other words, this means that you shouldn’t launch a new career if you have no selling proposition to attract clients.

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Ensuring Your Tools Are Up For The Challenge

When you decide to create an online business, it is likely that you will require bespoke online tools to deal with online queries and orders. This is especially important if you want clients to be able to upload/download samples, customized their items or service online, and be able to manage their client account in a few clicks. In short, you need to organize Q&S tests, using the right tools for the right test environment such as this one for JIRA https://www.qasymphony.com/software-testing-tools/integrations/jira-test-management/, to ensure that your digital business can fulfill the needs of your clients. Additionally, it is recommended to plan several days up to weeks of testing – depending on the complexity of the tool – so that you can be sure that all bugs have been corrected before your clients use it.  

Placing The User At The Core Of Your Process

Finally, online businesses need to take the user experience into account. UX tests enable a business to define the most relevant design for the tool and the user, such as explained by UX experts Measuring U. Indeed, experimental studies will define the internal and external validity of your solution, ensuring that both your team and your clients can make the most of it. UX experiments are essential to the success of your business, as more often than not clients don’t approach tools with the technical mindset of a developer. Therefore, mistakes and confusion are common for UX untested platforms.

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