People can react in some pretty extreme ways when they get fired and you think that you were Fired Unfairly. The first thing you need to do, of course, is seek the specific reason you were fired. Get it in writing. You are entitled to this information. Even if the action has already been taken and you’re being urged out of the door, you should be (calmly) demanding this information.

You also need to research the dismissal policy and procedure for your company. If you’ve been fired, then these policies need to be followed regardless of the reason. If the formal process wasn’t followed, then you were probably fired unfairly.

Fired Unfairly ?

Here are some examples of common reasons people find themselves in this position.

Were you fired for… telling the truth?

Sometimes, an employee finds themselves in an extremely tricky position. If they find that the company has been engaging in illegal activity, then they’ll find themselves at a very unpleasant crossroads. By not telling the authorities, they may find themselves blamed for complicity or being an accessory.


A worker should never be made to feel this way. If you need to report illegal activity, then you are protected by the law. (Yes, I know the law didn’t protect Edward Snowden, but presumably you don’t work for the NSA). People who report fraudulent activity, for example, can be protected by a CFTC whistleblower attorney.

Were you fired for… not working overtime?

There’s a reason it’s called overtime. The ‘time’ refers to the hours that you are contracted to work. (This can either refer to the time of day or to the total hours you work in a week) If you’re working more than this set amount, then you’re going over that time. You’re not obliged to do it. Have you been fired because you only ever worked your contracted hours? Or because you denied a specific request to work overtime? Then you’ve been dismissed unfairly.

Fired Unfairly

The fact is that working overtime comes with numerous health risks. It lessens the amount of spare hours you have in your life – something, to many, much more important than money. You have every right to turn down requests to work more hours. If you’re fired on that basis, you can take legal action.

Were you fired for… having a baby?

Yes, a big deal has been made about protecting new mothers from this kind of treatment. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the issue has gone away. Bizarrely, many expectant and new mothers still find themselves let go from their jobs for vague reasons. The “official” reason may not directly mention the fact that they had a baby. But if this is the case, then the “official” reason will have holes in it that you can poke through.


If no solid reason can be given for your dismissal after you’ve had a baby, then you can assume that it was because you had a baby. Essentially, this is how an HR department of the courts will see it. There are many employers out there who still resent having to pay someone when they’re on maternity leave and take illegal measures as a result. But they can always be found out.

Karan Sharma
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