There are many cool and exciting careers out there that cover many subject areas. Today, we’re focusing on a very scientific career choice; a lab technician jobs. To be specific, I have some vital advice for anyone interested in this lab technician job:

Lab Technician Jobs

Enter A Field You Enjoy

Saying you want to be a lab technician is a very broad statement to make. There are loads of laboratories up and down the country, all doing different things. You have ones that focus on chemistry research and production. Then, you have some that are more biology dominated. Or, ones that focus on physics research. And, within these fields, you have plenty of sub-categories too. It’s a vast and crazy world full of different opportunities. My advice to any wannabe lab technicians is to enter a field you enjoy. If you have a burning passion for chemistry, then find a job in a relevant lab. This will make your work much more enjoyable, and easier too. It’s easy to work hard when you love what you do.

Get To Grips With Safety Procedures

Working in a laboratory can be a very dangerous job. Especially if you don’t follow all of the correct safety procedures involved. If you want to make it as a lab technician, then you have to keep up to date with the safety regulations. This includes understanding how to operate lab equipment, the correct ways to turn things on and off. It means checking the safe way to handle things like cell culture bags that can’t be split open. There are so many new things going into labs that safety regulations change all the time. You have to be aware of any changes and make sure you’re on top of everything. Safety is very important; you need to think about your co-worker health and safety too.


Try And Get Some Work Experience

I think that everyone should look for work experience regardless of what career they want to pursue. Having experience can help you in so many different ways. For one, it can give you an insight into the career path you want to follow. In this instance, you’ll be able to see what lab technicians have to do every day. You’ll gain an understanding of the typical jobs you have to do, and how long you work for. All of this can help you as you progress in your career. When you apply for your first job, you can call on this experience to help you get hired. Companies much prefer to hire people that have some work experience. Plus, having a peak into the life of a lab technician can help you decide if it’s really for you. After a week or two of work experience, you may realize you’re not cut out for this work at all. So, you don’t bother to go down this career path.

Lab technicians get paid well and have good job security. If you’ve studied a science degree at uni, then this could be the ideal career path for you.

Karan Sharma
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