There are worst careers than drive for a living. Okay, your career might not resemble Lewis Hamilton’s. But, whose career does? What you do get is a good, steady wage and a chance to work on your own. Plus, you don’t have your bosses surrounding you analyzing your work every waking moment. It all sounds good, but it is hard to find a job that revolves around driving. Because of the perks, there aren’t many on the market. Here are a few tips that you will help you break into the industry.

Visit Dedicated Job Boards

There are lots of great online job boards like Indeed that have a variety of jobs. But, a driving job is that specialized that you won’t find many even on these types of sites. And, what you do find might not be to your liking. Instead of picking from a small variety, open up the field. With a dedicated job board, there are more jobs that are more to your liking. They are easy to use, and most of them don’t cost a penny. If you want a job, these are your best option.


Get Your License

You might have a driving license, but does it cover every vehicle? Most these days only cover driving a car or a van. To be able to drive a truck or to tow a trailer, you will need another category on your license. The only way to get hold of these is to take the tests and pass them with flying colors. Although it is a lot of extra effort, it is worth the effort. The more comprehensive your license, the more chance you have of finding a job. Even if it isn’t in the job specification, it will make you look good. After all, why wouldn’t they choose the most qualified candidate?

drive for a living
Take Driving Lessons

Driving a truck or a minibus is completely different to driving a car. You might think it is all the same, but it takes a lot of time to master. As such, you need to consider taking extra lessons. MSW Midas Driver Training believes that the better you can drive, the more chance you have of getting a job. And, it makes perfect sense. Your job is to drive and to drive efficiently. If they have to teach you how to get used to the process, they are never going to take you seriously. But, if you turn up ready to go, they will think you are a serious option.

Tailor Your CV

Don’t apply for a job and put on references to old jobs that have no bearing. Your time as a customer service assistant won’t do you any good when you apply for a driving job. Instead, try and tailor your CV so that it shows off your driving credentials. Only add features that are relevant to the job. Otherwise, they will see straight through it and throw it in the bin.


Nothing is guaranteed, but these tips will make your life much easier.

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