Managing employees is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for anyone running a business. That said, there are plenty of employers who are getting it wrong. Productivity and work quality are important, but focusing solely on those is a straight path to a dissatisfied, disloyal staff. You need your employees on your side. You need to show a focus on keep employees happy, healthy and motivated. In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways you can do just that.

How to Keep Employees Happy

Keep Employees Happy

Keeping a safe work environment

One of the important ways that you need to make sure you look after your employees is by providing a safe work environment. Not only is this mandatory by law, but it’s a good way of creating an office culture that is considerate and shows value in the people that work there. One of the biggest causes of workplace accidents is the risk of slips, trips and falls. Often, this is caused by walkways in the office being clogged and messy. If your office is looking like one big tripping hazard, then take the time to organised an office clearance. Similarly, sit down with your staff and identify what some of the other risks might be. Working together with them shows you value their opinion as well as their health.

The long-term health risks

It’s not just the immediate risk of injury that prevents your workplace from being a healthy, happy one, however. You also need to pay some might to the long-term risks to your staff’s health that they might not even be fully aware of. Sedentary office lives can be harmful to a person’s health, so try and help them change it up. For example, choosing chairs and tables that help them keep comfortable and less at risk of repetitive strain injury. Proper lighting so that their computer screen doesn’t given them eyestrain. Even giving them the opportunity to stretch their legs and do work away from their desk. They will be a lot more comfortable and thank you for it.

Giving them space

If there’s something that really gets in the way of being productive, it’s not having the adequate space to do your work in. There are a lot of different approaches to work space. The cubicle crush Is infamous because of its discomfort and claustrophobic nature. But open plan spaces can be equally ineffective, as distraction is easy to find. The trick is to give your employees a variety of spaces to use. Space where they can work in private without distraction. Space for collaboration and communication. Of course, you can’t forget that they need space away from their work for a while, too. Every office needs a break room so that breaks are actually effective.

Hopefully, this article has helped you realise what you can do to make the workplace better for your staff and yourself and Keep Employees Happy. Remember, your team is your greatest resource. If you do nothing to take care of them, you are squandering their health as well as their effectiveness.

Karan Sharma
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