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Ways To Increase Workplace Communication And Relationships

Communication in the workplace, it goes without saying, is an essential skill. Communication on every facet, from marketing to a personal level, needs to be paramount. Relationships with employees, coworkers, partners and customers are all critical to the development of business. There are many ways to help the business grow in this way. Here is how you achieve it.

Have An “Open Door” Policy

From the perspective of a manager, having an open door policy is an excellent way to achieve rapport with your employees.  It makes you approachable and empathetic with your workforce. For the workforce, they need to feel they can discuss issues with managers for worry of being turned away or being made to feel unimportant. This could be a problem which will have repercussions down the line with regards to workplace relationships. And it can have an impact your perception as a manager. So using an open door helps create a bridge between you, as the manager, and the employees. It is a skill that you can learn, not just one that has to be already in you. One way is to go on HR training courses to give your skills a fine tuning.

Be An Active Listener

Increase Workplace Communication

When it comes to having an open door policy, that is not enough. You need to make sure, if someone comes to you with a problem,  that you are actively listening to them. This is a skill all world leaders have in spades. For example, Abraham Lincoln was described to be an attentive listener in conversation and remembered people many years after meeting them only once.

This is a skill that we can all benefit from. Pay attention. Listen to them the first time they speak to you, rather than them getting frustrated by having to repeat themselves. This will save everyone time and effort.

Work With The Employee To Get Them What They Need

You are running a business. At the same time, if your employee needs help, you need to make sure they are working at their best for the benefit of the business and themselves.  As their employer, you have a duty to care for them. So you need to make sure they are fit for work. And the best way to achieve this is to talk to them and work with their needs. What can you do to help them back to work easier if they’ve been away due to a health reason? Working with the employee to establish their needs will further cement the employee-employer relationship. It will also give them confidence in your abilities as their boss and as a confidant.

Always Be Learning And Developing

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Once you have acquired essential skills like compassion, listening or empathy, make sure that you are continually developing them. Once a skill is learned, it is very easy to unlearn it if it is not practiced. So make sure that you are constantly learning new skills and developing old ones. Communication is such a fundamental skill in the workplace. Finding new ways to improve and push forward will do a great service to your company as well as to your colleagues, partners, and employees.

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