It’s not uncommon for someone to have the dream job of working in the sciences & studies in science education . We’re told all the time how important and valuable an education in the sciences can be. There’s also the prospect of the achievement that comes from learning something entirely new. Even discovering something new in your field. But getting educated and finding work in the sciences is a lot of work. Is it all worth it? There are a lot of people who will emphatically say yes. But to help you decide, we’re going to look at the different aspects of what makes people stick around in the sciences.

Studies In Science Education

Job options

The first thing to consider is that there are a lot of different ways to apply your education from the sciences. There are several different kinds of jobs you can get from each and every field. According to with, biochemistry can lead to at least six different fields in industry. From crime laboratory analyst to clinical biochemist. The same can be said for the other fields in the sciences, too. There’s also a use simply for the different methods you go into. Maybe in the end you don’t want to work in the sciences. The skills you learn in that education can still give you a hand up in the business data analyst profession, for example.

Studies In Science Education

Job satisfaction

Some might wonder why you don’t want a job in the sciences in the first place, however. In terms of job satisfaction per degree, it ranks very highly. Biology, chemistry and physics each see satisfaction rates of over 70% of graduates. Few degrees lead to results as good as that. Perhaps it’s because of the kind of person that’s suited to the sciences. If you feel achievement from the progress made in the lab or with data collected, it’s natural to find satisfaction doing just that.

The pay

Not everyone who gets a career in the sciences are immediately going to be making tons of money. No industry works that way unless you are extremely lucky. However, in terms of general pay, working in the hard sciences is a good field to look at. As with all the other STEM options, the hard sciences pay well. Education in the sciences can specialist further down the line in engineering, which tends to be one of the most lucrative of all the STEM fields. Of course, pay isn’t the only thing that matters.

Whether it’s right for you

Indeed, you could be making quite a pleasing sum but still be desperately unhappy with work. What matters is whether the industry is right for you as a person. If you’re working In the sciences, it’s the traits you bring with you as well as the knowledge and education. As well as that problem solving and data mining attitude, you need skills in working with other people and administration. Do your research on the kind of careers you’ve been thinking of to identify whether or not it’s really right for you. The benefits are there, it’s just a matter of whether you’re the right person for the right job.

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