Guide How to Create Google Adsense Account After Disabled

August 15, 2019

If you are landed on this page that mean, you are interested to learn about how to create google adsense account or might be your adsense account was disabled or banned recently.

After disabled your account, our first step finds the way to create a new google adsense account. In this article I will tell you some others way to create new adsense account, best google adsense alternatives and how to secure your adsense account.

We all know that google adsense is playing an essential role in every blogger success. When you started your blogging career at that time we all focus on only adsense earnings and ignore the affiliate marketing power.

Web hosting Affiliate

Yes, it’s the easiest way to make money online on the initial stage.

However, I am also agreed with other bloggers who said that you can still make more money without adsense program.

When it comes to adsense program, you can’t deny that it is the best CPC program ever. But sometimes due to some policy violation, your adsense account could be disabled by them.

So without wasting more time let’s jump into the main topic.

create google adsense account

What Is Google Adsense Account?

Google adsense is Google’s online advertising program in which advertisers agree to have their ads placed on websites and blogs that contain content that’s relevant to the advertiser’s business.

For example, if you had a blog on cars, those who were advertising items related to cars, such as accessories and car parts would want to advertise on your blog.

Guide for how to create the google adsense account after disabled…

Karan Sharma

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For some unlucky reasons, your adsense account is being disabled by Google.

Although Google strongly emphasizes that they have sophisticated tracking programs, as well as human monitoring, to monitor for the invalid clicks, they often make a mistake and charge some innocent Adsense publishers, and take away their rights of participating this program in the rest of his or her lifetime.

I must admit that this is definitely unfair.

The story of my adsense account

Now, you are wondering why I wrote this article, Correct?

On 2014, I have purchased the domain and hosting from Bluehost. I must say that Bluehost is providing very good service within the cheap price. Then after one month of my blog, I had applied for adsense account.

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At that time it took almost around 2 weeks for approval and unluckily the first attempt was not that much good. My adsense application was rejected due to many factors.

Then I have started research and work on those factors, I learned more about what are the adsense requirements and then again applied after a few months.

This time finally I got the adsense approval within 1 week.

Why adsense account disapproved?

google adsense tutorial

If you are also struggling for getting adsense account approval, Here are the quick tips for you.

  • Work on your design and make it as possible as user-friendly.
  • Include the few necessary pages like about us, privacy policy and contact us.
  • At least write 10 articles with 500 words.
  • Don’t copy the content from any other place.

Apply all mentioned tips in your blog before going to adsense account approval and don’t forget to share the result with me.

Now back to the story, I was very happy that finally my adsense account got approved. Then I had done the same mistake that most of us do in our blogging career.

I had started the self-clicking on my ads. The first day gives me around $10. I was very happy that I am much smarter than google algorithm.

But on the 3rd Day, I received the one email for adsense and you all know that the mail is regarding adsense account disabled.

My adsense account was disabled by them. They are much smarter than Us.

Best google adsense alternatives

As I said earlier, that if your adsense account got disabled or banned by them. That doesn’t mean you will not make money online.

If you follow the blogging industry there are many bloggers who earn decent money from their blog using affiliate marking only.

But if you still want to earn money online by CPC and impression advertise network, Then below is the list of some advertisement networks that doing good in today’s market.


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Create Google Adsense Account After Being Disable

When I searched on the internet about how can we create new google adsense account after disabled, Every blogger had suggested the same steps to get the new adsense account.

  • First, choose new computers to start a new blog and then apply for Google Adsense.
  • Make sure that the IP address is completely different from those you have used to login your Google and Adsense accounts.
  • Choose different payee name, address, and other personal stuff.
  • Google will approve you if your site is clean and have enough content.
  • Never login with your old disabled adsense account in the same computer, because it will let Google know this new Adsense account has a correlation with the previous invalid click activity and it might disable your account.

However, The mentioned steps are not wrong and it will work for you also in some cases. But here is my one question for you?

Okay If we follow the same mentioned steps but should anyone gives us guarantee that our new adsense account will not disable in the future.

How long it will work for us?

If google found any relation with your old disabled account, they will immediately again disable your new account.


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Google Adsense Policy

  • Never click your own ads.
  • Never ask someone to click your ads.
  • Don’t put messages on your site like: “Support this site by clicking on the ads”
  • Read the AdSense TOS and make sure your sites don’t violate any of the terms.
  • Google adsense program allows only one account publisher. From Google’ policy, if a publisher is banned, he/she cannot apply for another one. But there is one exception in that is a key point of this article.

How Can I Get Back My Account Back?

There are basically two methods for getting your account back.

Step 1: Invalid Activity Appeal

If you receive that email, I am sure you are very frustrated.

The first thing to do is to read carefully on why Google charge you and take away your Adsense account. You should also think twice about whether you have committed those issues.

Then, prepare all the evidence that in favor of you and invalid activity appeal to Google.

Then, pray that Google will give you back the Adsense account, and most importantly, the earning accumulated inside.

Success chances

However, chances are very low of getting back your adsense account. Fill in the form at their website for making such appeal.

As I had mentioned before, the chance to reinstate your Adsense account is pretty low.

How Can I Appeal To Reinstate My Google Adsense Account?

You can find the link in your email if you still find any difficulty then check Support Article.

Step 2 : Create New Google Adsense Business Account

However, Google says that any publisher has only one google adsense account in his/her life, but I found something interesting in their policy.

I just want to share with you all.

Google Adsense Account Type

  • Individual
  • Business

There’s no difference in the services or payment structure between Individual and Business accounts. Business account payments will be made payable to the Company Name, while Individual accounts are paid out to the payee name of the account holder.

Once your application has been submitted, you can’t change your account type. Should you ever need to select a new account type, you need to close your current account and open a new account with your updated information.

How Can I Check My Google Adsense Account Type

To check your account type:

  • Sign in to your adsense account.
  • Click the gear icon and select “setting” from the drop-down list.
  • In the sidebar, under “Account”, click Account information.
  • In the “Account Information” section, you can see your account type.
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How Can I Apply For Business Account In Adsense

step 1

First of all, you have to create an account in adsense.

step 2

Sign in with your Google account.

step 3

After that just fill up the all required information.

step 4

Select Account type as Business.

step 5

Then in the policies bar, you have to check all the three checkboxes and then click “submit information.

step 6

Now your work is done and your account in review mode. They will verify your application status by email.

If you had tried all the motioned steps and still you didn’t get the adsense approval.

Then I personally suggest you to go with the google adsense alternatives that I mentioned above.

How to protect adsense account from invalid clicks (Click Bombing)

There are many plugins available in the market. Basically, it will help you to detect and stop this kind of attack on your adsense account.

How much time does google adsense takes for approval ?

It will totally depend on the age of your website and content. In some cases, it will take around 1 week to 2 months.

Can I Apply For Business Account Even My Individual Account Got Disable ?

Answer: YES

Can I Apply With Same Name, Address & Other Personal Stuff?

Answer: YES, But I suggest you choose a different payee name, you can use the same address.

Can I Apply With The Same IP Address?

Answer: YES

Are We Need To Enter Any Business Information Like Tax Number?

Answer: NO, as you all know if you are an Indian publisher then you no need to submit your Tax information to adsense department.

If you are still struggling with google adsense account approval and earning.
Then please let us know via comments. I will try to help you in all possible manners.

One Small Request

If you enjoyed reading this article, kindly give it a share. Your share is extremely helpful to spread our message and help more bloggers like you.

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  • Hi i have an Adsence account but now i dis aproved from adsence due to Invalid Activity
    issue appeal form to adsence get back every time i fill the appeal form a message back from adsence that text is below


    This message confirms that we’ve received your appeal submission.

    We’ll get to your appeal as soon as we can, though due to the high volume of emails we receive, it may take us up to a week or more to process it. If you’ve previously submitted an appeal for this account, you might not receive a response to this or future appeals.

    Also, please be aware that appealing the disabling of your AdSense account does not guarantee that it will be reinstated.

    If you have any questions or concerns about accounts disabled for invalid activity, please visit

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.


    please help me to solve the problem i totally depend on adsence please help me…

    my web site is

  • Hi Kalpesh, reading your article pls confirm can i use same address with banned ads account?

    Do ads for business need a personal name or business name for payee?

    What is your experience lately does it work thank you pls reply

  • adsense TOS read: Enter your desired payee name. Note that if you’re updating the payee name of a business account, then the top line should be the business name and the second line the contact name for the business.

    Kalpesh can i use my contact name for the business using the previously banned adsense account name?

    Thank you for you help

  • Hi mahadzira ,

    First of all thanks for you comment .

    1) Yes you can use the banned address for creating your new adsense business account it’s legal , But i suggest to you that please use different payee name for payment.

    2) You can either use personal name or Business name , in both case you need a valid bank account .

    3) You can use same ip address and computer for that.

  • I see a lot of people complaining about getting booted out of Adsense, and some wondering if it’s common practice. Google wants partners for a long time and if you are trying to stay within the guidelines you shouldn’t have a problem. If you do get banned by Adsense, it is worth appealing. If you’re not screwing about, you can get your account reinstated and funds returned. Just don’t do anything stupid. 🙂

  • I’m new in blogging and see some youtube video tells how to earn more in adsense doing their tricks (delete cookies, change ips and etc) I earn $100 immediately for almost an hour doing that trick but google disable my account. Is there a chance to reinstate my account as I want to used it again for my new website. I appreciate your feedback kindly be advise. thanks!

  • Hey I want to ask if I can use the same website that I have been banned on or should I make a complete new one for applying in adsense ? and then only apply my new adsense account to the old website ? Because beginning a new website and totally abandoning my old website would be very unpleasant.

  • Hey Ivo,

    There are two possibilities for that.

    1) If your website is banned for google adsense at that time you can not get the adsense account back.

    2) If you account is banned for website at that time you can use the above method and get a new adsense account for that website.

    I hope it is clear now.

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for the info. I hope mine works. I got disabled last month so I don’t what else to do. So I will try to create a legal business account for my youtube account. My question is that do I have to wait a few days to apply my business name to adsense once I monetize my videos? Also you said I can still use my previously laptop and IP address where I got disable too? Are they going to know that that address and computer or home address is same as the account where I got disabled at? Please reply. THank you soo much

  • Hi paula,

    Hope you doing well, First of all thanks for you comment .

    1) Yes you can use the banned address for creating your new adsense business account it’s legal , But i suggest to you that please use different payee name for payment.

    2) You can either use personal name or Business name , in both case you need a valid bank account .

    3) You can use same ip address and computer for that.

    4) Yes i suggest to you first of all monetized your YouTube videos as per google policy and then apply for it.

  • Do I have to wait a certain amount of days if when can I register for an AdSense again after monetizing on Youtube ? I am just afraid that once I start the AdSense and they found that IP address and computer is disabled for AdSense due to invalid activity they will disable the Business Account because that business account is expensive and I don’t want it to end up badly like being disable again. Any tips for being successful on keeping an AdSense account?

  • When applying for business account does it have to be a different name or can I still use my name if I already used it to my disabled account? For Payee info on AdSense if I use a different name for example my husband can I use that even though I am putting it in the Business Account type? for say that my husband is not register in the business but only my name?

  • Hello,

    Just want to ask if in order to sign up for a business account I need a legal business name where I need to register right? And also I read somewhere that you still can’t use the same IP address or the computer that you used where your account got disable because the Google will know that you are associated with that disabled account? I just want to double check with you if that is correct. I want to make a business account but I want everything to be right. Please reply.

    Thank you

  • Hi Paula ,

    I can understand why you are so much concern about it, It’s Okay .

    No, You don’t need any legal business name. You can use your name and if your adsense account banned so i will suggested you please use different payee name like child name or husband name who has a bank account.

    Second thing yes you can use the same Ip address because that is not a trick or any legal way to get the adsense account so we don’t need to change all this thing.

    If you need any help then please let me know…

  • Thanks again for the reply. but other people are saying on the Google forum that you have to have a legit business name and it has to be registered with its tax id. Also they also said that you have to use business bank account, different IP address, mailing address, phone number and different computer in order to do it. If they find out that the business account that I have has a connection to the previous disabled account that I have they will disable again my account. I am just confuse about this. Have you heard from any one that did this and got successful about using this method? It seems so easier compare to the other method but I just want to make sure that this is for real okay and won’t get trouble for it.

  • Hi paula,

    First of all i apologize for late response. Yes i am personally know to some people who have getting adsense account back by using this method. I hope this will also work for you..

  • I had two adsense accounts, but recently one of them, which was related to one of my websites, got disabled due to invalid activity. So i tried to use active account ads in the same site. But no ads are displaying. Any of you know what will be the reason? Ads will not be served for that particular domain? Is there a particular time, only after that ads will start displaying even if I use a different active adsense account?

  • While leaving behind site that took you years to put in order just because you were banned by adsense, as a blogger there are many ways you can still make money i mean much money from online apart from adsense and believe it or not affiliate marketing is far better than them i have try both and i know what am saying, today am using different affiliate on my blog and am making much more than i ever dream of, try affiliate marketing am sure you be happy you did thanks all.

  • Hi Stevespack,

    Yes, you are right. If your google adsense account had been banned due to any reason So it is not end of your blogging career, Their are lots of bloggers who are earn more then adsense from their website, Please switch on the other source like affiliate marking and google alternatives.

  • helo, i really need your help, i am new to adsense and i was earning from youtube.recently i signed up in blogger and linked the problem is my adsense account is disabled and i cannot login,also my links are removed from youtube..i want to know if i remove all the youtube channels that were linked with my adsense..will i get my adsense account back..if not please tell me how can i get my adsense account or a new one.
    adsense send an email saying its parmanently disabled and the Violation explanation they gave is this .
    It’s important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content. This may include, but is not limited to:
    copying portions of text content from other sources
    websites dedicated to embedded videos from other hosts
    websites with gibberish content that makes no sense or seems auto-generated
    templated or pre-generated websites that provide duplicate content to users…
    please help i dont understand why they disabled my account..and can i get it back.

  • one more thing is if i signed up for a new account with same address and i gave a different payee name suppose of my father and in the bank account i am the first holder and my father is the second holder of our joint account..will i receive payments or do i have to make another bank account starting with my father name.

  • Hello. Im having a problem with my ads address . When a friend of mine open account for me it was in india country, didnt know and i made money in it but now cant change a country to verify address for pin. Can somebody help me and advice me how to verify that account . P.s I dont have nobody in India. What i should do.

  • my AdSense acount is disabled.can I again sign up for AdSense with same website and email.

  • Hi.
    A great work you have been doing,
    My adsense account was disabled but I later got another one with different payee name, But what i don’t know is can I use the bank account details I used for the banned Adsense account on my new adsense account?
    NOTE: I removed the payment method 4 days before the account was banned…

  • hi sir,

    My adsense account was disable….not show in my website
    then can I use adsense in same website with another used id

  • One more thing which I would like to add here, You can make your Adsense with any name, just change the address for verification of pin. And later you can add another back account for payment. This can also be an option rather than holding a business account

  • Hey , my account was banned for invalid click activity so .. can i make my new adsense bussiness account with the same blog ?

  • Hi Kalpesh,

    I opened two adsense by mistake what should I do. Should I close one or should I login from different IP and one problem is once I have opened both from same IP. And one more thing is it safe to upload videos on these two youtube accounts from same ip or should I change ip to upload videos too.

  • Hello. Can I apply with a info@(stackbuddy).com or (stackbuddy) for an Adsense account?? Which email address is best for quick Adsense approval or reinstatement?? A gmail account or a website custom URL email address

  • Hi James,

    If possible then apply with custom domain email like info@(stackbuddy).com, Google will consider your approval request as serious business and their will be strong chance for account approval.

  • Is there a difference between a Business and an Individual account?
    No. There’s no difference in the services or payment structure between Individual and Business accounts. Business account payments will be made payable to the Company Name, while Individual accounts are paid out to the payee name of the account holder.

    I have read that from adsense tos if i will use my own account for busniss adsense i think they will disable me again

  • Can I use my Old Laptop for busniss ?
    Can I use my old Gmail account which i banned sometime in my pc when using bussniss asense account ?
    and have tested it after blocked or any one told that its legal please give me any link to read this policy in adsense

    Give me answer please quick

  • hi how are you all , i have a problem me received a mail from absence that your “Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled” but on the website ads are showing , but google absence account did not opened ,

    absence also said me to do appeal , how can i did this please help me i am much disturbed .

  • Hi i am a new user and my adsense account has been suspended for one month… earnings are not much as it got banned within 1week of opening. So i created another adsense individual ( not bussiness ) account with different name but same home address with same ip address. But my new adsense account has even got approved. Are there chances of again getting disable. Did i made a mistake by opening another account.
    Please help as i am new and have started just a week ago.
    Thank you…

  • My Adsense account disabled due to invalid activity and I appealed but they denied what to do next can I get reinstate

  • Bhai mera first account ban ho chuka hai , aur aagar mai naya computer kharidu aur usmein Adsense ka dusra account account banau ,and mera naya pc aur purana pc dona ek hi wifi se connected hai toh IP address ka koi problem hoga .And aagar mai payee name dusara rakhu but contact details mein apna naam hi rakhu toh bhi koi issue hoga .Reply ASAP

  • Hi i recently uploaded an app to the playstore and integrate admob adsense to my app but due to invalid activity google disabled my account. Now i am buying new laptop and new developers account will they detect me and they will disable my account again despite i will use different address and payee name…

  • my adsense account had disabled for invalid click activity. now i want make new individual account.
    my plan is that:
    Use the address of my father as payee.
    new articles.
    new blog.
    new gmail address in payee name.

    but the problem is that:

    Can i use my old laptop that i had used to apply for the disabled account?

    is there any problem in using old laptop?

    How to change my ip?

    I will use new netsetter for connection. And i will also uninstall my older browsers to avoid the cookies and so.

    Please help me…
    I am expecting a clear answer from you…

  • I feel so sad, google just disabled my account due to invalid click activity, I have appeal. But I read online that chances are low. But I didn’t evenknow what happen, I didn’t get any warning. I don’t even know maybe I should continue blogging or just stop.
    Sad and confused.

  • I am a new user in blogger.
    The activated ad-sense account were deactivated after the activation of 3/4 months. Then I shifted that website into another gmail account. From another gmail, google approved the ad-sense account but it goes up to 2/3 months there were not displayed the advertise.

    What is the problem behind it? how to solve it? Please help me ……
    I will do appreciate to your help thanking you

  • Hello Kalpesh, my youtube – adsense acct disable due to copyright issue, when I got a notification of the copyright, I have disabled monetization on that video and I have removed some video also, now how should i move futher

  • Well if you use a new Account keep in mind to use a different Bank Account (at least for europe). Its important to have a different IBAN.

  • Thanks for the helpful information. Because, I just found out there is a very extraordinary article like this, thanks

  • hi,
    my 2 or 3 adsense individual accounts are disabled due invalid activity. can i make new adsense business account on same ip address or on same computer.

  • Sir i have 2 disabled adsense account. What should i do to make new one. Does our own impression is invalid ?

  • hi sir,i m also a Victim of DISABLED ADSENCE SEA
    ,so sir my doubt is…
    shell i signup for a new adsence account to monitise my blogs which i have published with previously aisabled adsence?

    before disabling it i have earned 100$ but pin was not verifyed & at the same time paymment method aslo not updated.
    please sugest me sir about creating a new adsence account

  • Hi,

    Yes, you can create new Adsense account same mentioned in article. That account will not relate with your old account. So you have to request for new pin for address verification from new account also.

    Hope I give your all answers.

  • Hi,

    Yes you can create two account the same mentioned in article also. No our own impression is not count as invalid until and unless you break any Goole Adsense policy.

  • hi sir,
    is there any guarantee that this trick will work?
    and also preveousily my 2 adsense individual accounts got blocked?
    now, can i create a new business account for my blog?

    reply me , sir 🙂

  • Hi Arshdeep,

    I can understand your concern. But believe me it will surely work. One more thing it’s not a trick or hack. You can also read the same thing in Google Adsense guidelines.

  • hi sir,
    kya aapka adsense account kabhi disable or block hua hai, agar hua hai toh adsense business account banane ka idea aap ke liye kam kiya ke nhi?
    waiting for your reply.

  • hi sir,
    have your account ever been blocked or disabled, or if your account ever been blocked or disabled then please business account idea worked for you or not.
    please reply me:-)

  • Hi Arsh,

    Yes one of my tech website Adsense account was disabled due to invalid click activity. Then after I have opened new business Adsense account and it’s working fine till now.

  • hi,
    maine online bahut search kiya or adsense forum se pata chala ki ek bar adsense account disable ho jaye to use vapis enable nhi kar sakte.

  • Hello sir, Maine Kuch din pehle thinkable se ek app banaya tha aur usme admob se ad lagaya tha. Aur aab Mera AdSense account disabled Kar diya due to invalid click. Mere pass ek YouTube channel hai jisme 145k se jyada subscribers Bhi hai, lekin hua yu ki , jaise AdSense disabled ho gya to mera YouTube channel Ka bhi monetization tab disabled Kar diya … Sir Kaise main Woh AdSense account wapas paa saku? Maine appeal bhi Kiya tha lekin jab bhi appeal karta hu same reply aata hai “we’re unable to reinstate your account”. Aur sir Maine phir se ek Naya YouTube channel banaya hai (jis phone se Purana AdSense banaya tha us phone se hi naya Gmail ID bana Kar Naya YouTube account open Kiya hu? Toh sir main Soch raha hi ki naye phone se AdSense account bana Kar naye wale YouTube account par (Jo ki Purana phone me create Kiya) associate Kar dunga toh chalega kya? Mujhe doubt ho raha ki agar phir se account disabled Kar de Google. Ya fir sir me naye phone se hi ek Naya YouTube channel banake naye AdSense create karlu? Pls sir batana….

  • Hi Karan,

    Yes hum kar sakte hai. Adsense wale ek appeal ka option dete hai. Agar aapko prove kar dete hai ki apne koi Adsense policy nahi break ki to wo aapka account fir se start kar denge.

    Aur aap business account ke sath bhi ja sakte hai.

  • hi sir
    my name is Mohd Waseem my adsense account disabled my balence 267us dollers pls help me

  • Hi Viral,

    Yes you can use it. But you have to add your new website in Adsense and they will again verify your website from beginning.

    Hope I answered to your question.

  • I have not done any transactions with google adsense. and my account got disable. can i still apply for the adsense. With my original payee name & address? Please reply.

  • i have problem with adword I’m not able to run ads on Google. my previously account banned for copy contents. after this account im not able to create new account i have tried new domain new ip new location new payment everything new….. but all this got banned my business is legal or gov register.. if u can help its means lot for me or u can contact me i can pay u as your fees.. also i have tried TeamViewer use other location that account got approved but again i made mistake i use same paytm number if u can help me please le me know

  • Hii, mera youtube account hai jiska adsense disabled ho gya hai.. Mai apne parents ke naam se adsense kholna Chahata hu…aur new YouTube channel… Lekin mere parents dusre state me rhte hai so unka government id v wahi ka hai… But mai dusre state me rhta hu.. So agar mai adsense create krta hu to adsense pin ke liye id dena padega address verify krne ke liye lekin mere parents ka address gaun ka hai but mai apne city me lena chahta hu aur bank account v city me hi bnana chahta hu lekin id ka problem hai… Id verification ke waqt v address verify nii hoga kya kyuki address alag hai… Please solve the problem

  • can i use virtualbox for new account or new ip

    does google my track location
    please karan ji reply me

  • what will be a chances to google for found any relation with our old disabled account, and they will be immediately again disable our new account…?
    I am waiting for your reply…?

  • business account not working they dont accept it, it always says that I already have a an account

  • Wonderful post! We are linking to this great article on our website. Keep up the great writing.|

  • Unfortunately there is no solution to this, one option could be if you have any offline contact in the Adsense team it could be a chance depending on the content and quality of your site. The other option is you can use ad exchanges to run Adsense ads which potentially gives you the same earning or even little better. Test and try different sources to see which one is giving better cpm.

  • Ok, so I was banned 10 years ago.
    I have a new address now,
    New bank account,
    New PC ( I could use my Android too),,,
    But, the name on the bank account will have to remain the same (me).

    Question, will this be a problem to get a new adsense business acct?


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    on your web site, I seriously like your technique of writing a blog.
    I book marked it to my bookmark website list and will be
    checking back in the near future. Please check out my website too and
    tell me what you think.

  • hello there,

    as I read your vlog I had a little bit of hope that I can fix my YouTube account.
    my problem is that my AdSense account is disabled due to invalid clicks or invalid traffic.
    I already create a new goggle account and my question is that can I still used my home address where they send my google pin
    secondly can I also used my laptop that used to apply in AdSense. and thirdly they are asking about tax can I also used it.
    i would be happy if you could help me fix my problem.

    thank you so much

  • Hello,
    I’m doing a research about disabled adsense account and it lead me here in your article.
    my question is if i create business account on adsense it will guarantee that my youtube channel will be monetized again?
    Please help me, any advice i want to save my channel that got disable due to invalid click.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Karan. 10 years back i had a adsense account which got banned (I violated the google policy by clicking on my own ads ( I was young and stupid at that time). Now I have got a legitimate business and new computers/ phones but however I have used the same credit card on both the google accounts (gmail accounts) to pay for sofwares in the play store.

    If i create a business account for a youtube channel will my adsense get banned (because google has by card information on the new account and can link it my new email id.

  • @Karan Sharma
    I have a YouTube channel and I accidently added my disabled AdSense account for monetization.
    If I create a new business AdSense account then can I use that AdSense for the same YouTube Channel or should I create a new YouTube channel with business ?
    Your opinion would be highly appreciated

  • Thanks for this write up, I had an old adsense account but it was disabled, not sure to use the same payee name to get a new adsense account… Is it advisable?

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