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In this review article, We will discuss the one of best Popunder ad network called popads net. You will also get the knowledge of detailed popads review, earnings, payment proof and cpm rates.

If you have a blog and you want to earn some decent amount of traffic on your blog so this is the simplest way to earn some extra money with your blog.

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popads review

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In this popads review, I will be discuss about what are the advantages and features of this advertisement network.

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    What Is Popads net?

    As the name gives the idea about this fantastic advertisement network, But it is not only pop up ad network. It is best and top most advertisement network in all over the world. They will support the basically two types of advertisement

    1) CPM
    2) CPV

    CPM (Cost Per impressions )

    In that website publisher charges $1 CPM, that means an advertiser must have to pay $1 for every 1,000 impressions of respective  ad. In simple terms that will pay you per ad impression on your blog/website. CPM is the most common type of advertising network in all among types.

    CPV (Cost-per-view)

    Cost Per Visitor -or- Cost Per View. CPV is an online advertising model where advertisers have to  pay for the delivery of a targeted visitor to the advertiser’s website, meaning the publisher is only have to pay when a user visit to a blog.

    They will pay to you whenever any visitor has visited your website/blog and either they have clicked on ads or not, You will be paid for every visitor.

    Is Popads Scam Network ?

    Before I am going to review the ad network the first question comes in our mind is that they are scam network or not. They are paid to their publisher on time or not. So I am writing this article to prove that they are legit ad network and they will pay you always on time.

    I have personally known some of my online friends are those using the popads since couple of years and they are pretty happy with them.

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    PopAds Requirements

    I didn’t find any specific requirement to get approval from PopAds net. They will also accept all types of sites including adult sites, non-adult content sites, sub domain sites etc. You have to just sign up into their network and start earning money from your site unlimited.

    Popads Publisher Advantages

    They offers several types of benefits to the publisher account. Before we come to that part, I will tell you how to create a Publisher account in popads network and it’s really free and easy.

    Just click on above button it will redirect you to a registration process page and once again it is really simple. On that page you have to fill up some basic information and click on the register button.

    Popads Advertiser Review

    After that you will receive an activation in your registered email account. You have to just click on that link and congratulation your account in created in one of the best ad networks. Now login into your account.

    best popads network

    Below are the few main advantages of popads publisher account. You can try it yourself and find many more.

    how popads works ?

    After successfully registration, You have to go visit the popads login page. In that page please enter your valid credential for login in your account.

    Under publisher account, You will find the several menus that help you to manage your account more effectively.


    It is a landing page of your account, The dashboard show your current status of  your earning and rate bonus, Using this page you can know your current balance and earning traffic.

    You can view your revenue, traffic of the current day,week and month using the filtration part. So it will help you to analysis the progress and traffic growth of your  website.


    The report section will you display the traffic and earning stats, In that page there are many filtration that helps you to customize your report and get the perfect data.

    After generating the report you can also save the report stats and use in future.


    Using this screen you can add your website for earning from this network. The process is quite simple and user friendly. You have to just enter the basic details and select the allow advertisement options.

    After adding your new website, They have reviewed your website and if your website met their all requirements then they will approve your website as soon as possible.

    Code Generator

    Before generating the code for your website you have to add a website and that website must be approved by their team.

    After getting approval just select your website and hit the “Generate code” button. It will give the couple of line code that you have to place on your website in order to earn money from this ad network.

    popads payment proof


    After generating the code you have to paste it in your website. You can place it in the header and footer part of your website. After placing the ad code in your website how can you check that it’s working or not. So they provide such functionality in Troubleshooter section.

    Using this tool you can check if the code is installed correctly on your website or not. Just enter an URL of your website where you have installed  code and click the Check button.

    Report Abuse

    Sometime you have observed that your website getting too much click and traffic compare to another day. It might be possible because of bot and click bombing. So how can you report about this kind of activity to the respective ad network.

    If you found some invalid traffic and clicks on your website so using this screen you can report them that you have found some invalid traffic on your website and do not consider the revenue of those traffic in your website.

    Sign Up For PopAds Network

    If you are still confused about popads network then it's time to try by own. Just click on the sign up button and complete the all required information. Absolutely free!

    Manage Your Account

    In that section your can manage your account and it’s settings.


    Using this screen you can edit your information any time. You can update your basic information and make your account always updated.


    In this screen you can see all your transaction details and history. You can also request for withdraw and deposit the money into your account wallet.

    In this screen you can also see the your current popcash revenue based upon the current balance you can make your withdraw request from a single page.

    Here you’ve found two different types of payment settings option.

    Auto Withdraw Settings

    As the name gives us an idea what this option do.  The auto withdrawal settings page gives you an option to make our system automatically request withdrawals on your behalf.

    If you want to withdraw just once, you can use the Withdraw button on the previous page.

    Popads Alternative

    There are several types of payment network option.

    Setup Payoneer Account

    Using this option,  Please visit the payoneer account directly and make as default payment option.

    Please select your preferred payment option and sign up for your account:

    Prepaid MasterCard Card :  Get paid directly to your MasterCard within 1 hour. Spend or withdraw anywhere in the world.

    Bank Transfers : Get paid directly to your local bank account in over 200 countries in your local currency.



    In this screen you can enable some advance mode of security like.

    Popads Alternative

    How To Make Money With Popads Referral Program ?

    First of all, What is Referral program and why you have to focus on this type of program. If you are associated with any referral program at that time they can give you some special link.

    Those links are called referral links. You have to just recommended that links to your friends and readers. Once they have registered and join the program using your referral link at that time you will get some commission for the same. So it is the easy way to earn some extra money.

    You will earn 10% of referring publishers revenue and 10% of referring advertisers spent. That means if you have referred your one of friend and he had earned $100 for the current month, So you will get the $10 in your account without doing anything.

    It sounds interesting,For that program you have to join first the ad network and it’s totally free. After joining the this ad network you will get the refer link as below.

    You have to just share the link to your friends and earn some decent amount of money with them.

    How Popads Release Payment ?

    The best thing of popads is they paid their publishers daily via paypal and payoneer and other networks. They have recently added new payment option payoneer support in ad network.

    Their popads minimum payout is only $5, so you don’t need to wait to have minimum 100$ in your account.

    You can request to withdraw your earned money anytime you want. You can also set for automatic payment. When you earn specific amount of money then popads automatically send your earning. After requesting payment this will take time up to 8-9 hours.

    PayPal and Payoneer Payment option

    Please go to Billing section and click on the transaction ID(ie. PA/12345612) of the withdrawal in question. Our system should display a countdown clock indicating when will your payment be processed.

    If you don’t have payoneer account, Then please check out our detailed review on it and also get exclusive benefits on your account.


    Payza withdrawals are processed manually and it might be some delay as they are relayed on this payment gateway and those all the thing are not under control of this network.

    Usually they try to process withdrawals every 2 weeks.


    Wire transfers are currently processed manually, so it might take a few days for the wire to be sent.

    Allow them up to 7 business days for the wire to arrive after you got an email notification that it was processed. If after 7 business days it has not arrived, then contact them.

    Popads Payment Proof & popads earnings

    I had recently received payment from popads.Net. They have also option for auto withdraw, so when you reach the minimum payment threshold, Then they will send you payment. You don’t need to manually ask for payment.

    Popads faq

    Question : How much popads pay ?

    Answer : It will be totally depend on your traffic and number of clicks.

    Question : Can i monetize blogger.com with popads ?

    Answer : Yes.

    Question : Can i use popads with adsense ?

    Answer : Yes

     Question : can we use popcash or popads on same website ?

    Answer : Yes, For more detailed please visit our popcash article.

    Popads Review Conclusion

    There is no doubt about this popads network is one of great and genuine ad serving network in the advertising industry.

    They offer very high rates compare to the other ad networks and the joining this ad network is quite simple. You have to just follow the  given instruction and done.

    So if you have a blog/website with a good amount of unique visitor then my recommendation for you is join the popads ad network and make the decent amount of money using this ad network.

    User Interface 85%
    Publisher 75%
    Support 80%

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    One Small Request

    If you really liked the popads review article, Then please share it with your friends and help them to earn some decent money using the ad network. Also If you want to share your experience about popads network, Then please do comment and social sharing .



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    3. Pop ads are great but the best way is to use pop ads with shorte. st service. You can have additional option to receive more money.

    4. Popads is best popunder ad network for mainstream and also for adult ad networks. Daily payments using Paypal with only 5$ min payment. Popcash is also good network but my experience is best with popads.

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