Flikover Review : Best Group Buy Seo Tools In India

If you are a newbie blogger or recently started your blog/website, Then you must know the importance of the SEO. In today’s market if you want to become successful through your blog/website then you must have the good knowledge of the seo.

But as a newbie we all know that we don’t have much money to invest in premium seo tools.

Flikover Review

So today I came back with a solution for that and it is Flikover review. The best & cheapest group buy seo tools provider in India.

I will tell you further in this post that why I said that it is best group buy seo tool.

Before we get into the flikover review , Please beware with the fake websites, Who has the same name as flikover domain.

The only original website (flikover.com) which everyone use.

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    How Flikover Works ?

    Flikover is provide the premium seo tools that help you to grow your website seo and traffic.

    Flikover is the an India based company. They provide you very good customer support, Only the problem with that is you have to contact them via email or Facebook page.

    There is no helpline or live chat kind of thing.

    How To Register For Flikover Account ?

    The registration process is quite simple and self explanatory. Just click on the below button to register.

    Then you just need to enter the few basic details about you. Like Name, Email address and mobile number.

    Flikover Registration

    After completing the all required information, Click on the Signup button and congratulations you have done with the registration process.

    Isn’t is a simple process ?

    Now login into your account and you can see the below flikover dashboard.

    Before you will start using this service you also need to install few depended extensions for the same.

    Flikover Chrome Extensions

    You need to install two chrome extensions in order to use this service.

    If any one or both plugins are not enabled, then our service will not work. And yes after using this service you can disable plugins anytime.


    Key Points


    Exclusive Deals

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Keyword Research Tools

    • Link Management

    • Rank Tracking

    ahrefs logo
    • Keyword research

    • Backlink profiling tool

    • Site SEO audit

    • Content Explorer

    • Keyword research

    • Rank Tracking

    • Most Intuitive UI

    • Site Profiler

    Flikover Pricing

    The best thing of flikover is you can buy the required seo tool individual and if you want to use all the premium seo tools then you should buy a combo plan.

    It will give you all the premium tools access with cheap price.

    When we compare the flikover with other seo tools. Then the other seo tool provider doesn’t allow you to purchase single or individual tool.

    But In flikover you can purchase any tool.

    Flikover tools list

    Tools Price (In Rupees) Exclusive Deals
    Ahref 600 Get 7 Day Trial
    SEMrush 500 Get 7 Day Trial
    Word Ai 400 N/A
    Keyword Revealer 400 N/A
    Keywordtool.io Pro 400 N/A
    Buzzsumo 400 N/A
    Moz 400 N/A
    Spy Fu 400 N/A
    Grammarly Premium 200 N/A
    Quetext 200 N/A
    Alexa 200 N/A
    Woorank 200 N/A
    Lynda 200 N/A
    Skillshare 200 N/A
    Animoto 200 N/A
    Piktochart 200 N/A
    Canva 200 N/A
    Crello 200 N/A
    Pickmonkey 200 N/A

    Flikover Dashboard

    flikover seo tool

    After the successful login you can access the flikover dashboard. Using this dashboard you can purchase new tools, Check the statement and also verify the expire date for each tool.

    So, if you have decided the tool that you want to buy. Then just click on Visit here button.

     It will be redirect to you on plugin information page.

    In this screen you can see the tool cost and when it will be expiring. Now you have to click on “Click here to access Semrush Pro” button.

    This link will you redirect the SEO tool page.

    flikover tools

    This process has remained same for all tools. You have to first pay for the tool and then you can access it from respective section.

    All tools will be available to you next 30 days from the payment date.

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    Advantages of Flikover group buy

    How to buy flikover Ahrefs tool ?

    Just visit the ahref tool section and click on the image.

    Group Buy Seo Tools

    Then next screen will tell you about the payment charges and next renewal date for that tool.

    Ahref Flikover Tool
    Then click on Pay now button and it will be redirected to you on payment gateway.

    Flikover payment Options

    You can choose any of below payment mode to purchase the tool.

    How to buy Flikover combo plan ?

    If you need multiple SEO tools, Then it’s recommended to you rather than go for individual tool, Select the combo plan.
    Combo Plan
    Combo plan will give you all tools access in cheaper price. To purchase the combo plan, Please click on “Buy Combo” button. After that flikover ask you to select the how many month access you want?
    flikover alternative

    I will personally recommend to my readers that please first try 1 month. If you really liked the service and performance, then you can continue with it.

    One thing I personally not like is they don’t allow any affiliate program for their users.

    Might be this is the main reason for flikover less popularity.

    If you are looking for flikover alternative, Then you must try SeoToolAdda once. Here is the detailed  SeoToolAdda review.

    Filkover Faq

    Question : Are they providing any offer and discount. ?

    Answer : The answer is big No. They don’t offer any discount. The price is same for all users.

    Question : How to access their tools in simple steps.

    Answer :

    Follow exact steps:

    1. Pay for tool access.

    2. Install required two chrome plugins from the dashboard page.

    3. On dashboard page, click on “visit here” button just below tool icon.

    4. Then click on “click here to access” link.

    Question : Are they providing the invoice/bill?

    Answer : Sorry, They do not provide any invoice/bill. Reason behind is they claim that they are a group of people not any company.

    Question : How much cost ahrefs on flikover com ?

    Answer : The ahrefs toll will cost you around 600 Rs in Indian currency for a single month.

    Question : How to install flikover plugin?

    Answer : Just click on the flikover chrome extensions and install it in your browsers. If you will not see it that request to you please close and again reopen your browser.

    Question : Is flikover legal?

    Answer : Yes, 100% it’s legal. They provide the group buy SEO service with premium tools companies,

    Question : Is flikover safe ?

    Answer : Yes, It’s a totally safe.

    Question : Do They offer Refund?

    Answer : Yes, They have a refund policy, You can request for refund if service not working properly. 

    Question : Is it free for trial ?

    Answer : No, but you can use Semrush, Afrefs for one day free as login in it.

    My personal experience with flikover SEO tools.

    You can see that in any of the above image that I am the member of flikover since 2017.

    I had tried the combo and individual plans both. Today so far they provide good support and I never faced any single down time from their end. In this cheap price.

    Flikover provide you the best SEO group of service and also it’s trusted among all of them.

    Flikover Review

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