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If you live in India, you probably must travel by Indian railways. The Indian railways are one of the world’s biggest and most busy rail networks. The IRCTC is an online ticket-booking platform with several other features which we will discuss later in this article.


However, if you have the same question in your mind that how to delete IRCTC account permanently then this article will help you. This step-by-step guide will help you permanently delete IRCTC account using different methods. 

How to Delete IRCTC Account

Before starting with our Detailed guide on Delete IRCTC account, we will discuss the services offered by IRCTC, like the advantages and disadvantages of deleting your IRCTC account and the steps to delete the IRCTC account permanently.

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    What Is IRCTC ?

    The IRCTC also know as the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is a popular online ticket booking platform for Indian railways. You might be surprised that they handle nearly 80M traffic every day and 10M transactions every day. Now you can easily understand how the IRCTC app is extensive and scalable enough to take that large amount of data.

    IRCTC is not only providing ticket booking services. Indeed, The IRCTC offers the following services and features.

    delete irctc account

    Services Offered by IRCTC

    1. Online ticket booking: IRCTC is the official online ticket booking platform for Indian Railways. Registered users can book train tickets online using the IRCTC website or the mobile app.
    2. E-catering Services: The IRCTC offered e-catering services that allow customers to order food while travelling on a train.
    3. Tatkal ticket booking: IRCTC also provides a Tatkal ticket booking facility, which allows customers to book tickets on short notice. Tatkal tickets can be booked one day before the train’s departure.
    4. Tourism services & Holiday Packages: IRCTC offers various tourism & holiday services, including package tours, hotel bookings, and car rentals.
    5. IRCTC SBI card: As you might know that IRCTC has partnered with SBI to offer a credit card that provides benefits such as cashback on train ticket bookings and e-catering orders.
    6. Railways retiree corner: IRCTC has a dedicated portal for retired railway employees. We are using that they can access various services and benefits.
    7. PNR Status: Customers can check the status of their train ticket bookings by entering their PNR number on the IRCTC website or mobile app.
    8. IRCTC Wallet: Last but not least, IRCTC has a digital wallet called ‘IRCTC i-Wallet’ that customers can use to make online payments for train ticket bookings and other services.

    Above are a few of the services and features provided by IRCTC. Those services help the end user’s life so easy and online platform without going to railway stations for essential services. 

    Reasons to Delete Your IRCTC Account

    You are looking for delete your IRCTC account for several reasons. You may no longer be using the service or have some other challenges. Whatever your reason, it’s essential to delete your account correctly to avoid future issues. There are several tips and notes that you should follow before deleting your IRCTC account permanently.

    Methods To Delete Your IRCTC Account

    However, you should delete your IRCTC account if you no longer want to use your account. In this blog post, I will guide you to deleting your IRCTC account.

    delete my irctc account

    Method 1 (How To Delete The IRCTC Account permanently)

    Here are the few steps for IRCTC account deletion.

    Method 2 (how to delete irctc account using mobile number)

    Following are the few steps to delete your IRCTC account using your mobile number or How to delete your IRCTC account in-app.

    After clicking the verification link, your IRCTC account will be deleted. Please note that You will no longer have access to your account after deleting it, and any associated information will be permanently deleted.

    Method 3 (how to delete iRCTC account using Email)

    • How to Delete an Account in IRCTC by Emailing IRCTC customer care.
    • To delete your IRCTC account, email from your registered email id with the subject line Called: Request to Delete IRCTC Account. In the body, mention your email id and registered phone number and request to delete your account information.

    Method 4 (how to delete iRCTC account using Customer Care)

    • How to Delete My IRCTC Account by Calling the IRCTC customer care number.
    • To delete your IRCTC account, call 0755-6610661 for Hindi and 0755-3934141 and request them to delete your IRCTC account. 

    Additional Tips and Considerations

    Advantages of Deleting Your IRCTC Account

    Disadvantages of Deleting Your IRCTC Account


    Now you will get the idea that Deleting an IRCTC account is a simple process that can be done through the IRCTC website or app. I hope you like the detailed guide How to delete IRCTC account permanently .

    We have already highlighted that point several times in this article. Please Remember that once your IRCTC account is deleted or your IRCTC account is deactivated, it cannot be recovered in any manner.



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