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Are you looking to start a new blog, but still confused on which blog topic or niche you can start your new blog. Correct?

Then this blog ideas for beginners article will help you to understand and choose your blog topic ideas. I had researched and found few of blog ideas to start your blogging career and get huge traffic with profit.

Every blogger who wants to start his new blogging journey face the same situation. In most of the cases new bloggers are a bit confused with blog niche & blog post ideas selection and at least they choose the so competitive niche and end up with low traffic and no profit.

blog ideas for beginners

 Before we jump into the list of blog topic ideas.  First understanding the mistake people do while selecting a profitable niche.

As per my research every new bloggers are thinking to start their new blog around the below niches.

Let me tell you the fact that all above niches are so competitive and not that much easy to get success in this niche.

Let’s start with our unique blog ideas list. Here are the few Blog ideas that make money.

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    blog ideas for beginners List


    Health & Fitness Niche

    If you have a some good knowledge of health and fitness area, then you must start your new blog with this niche. This niche had much potential to give you more profit. You can earn some decent money with affiliate marketing and advertisement network.

    There are so many products available in the market for affiliate marking in this niche industry that will give you a much higher commission.

    A blog on health niche is a good to have as blog writing topic.

    Example : healthline


    Make Money Online Niche

    If you tell your audience that how to make money online using different platforms. This is most searched topics at our beginning career.


    Travel Niche

    If you also love the travelling, then you must start your travel niche without a second thought. You can monetize this niche using different kind of affiliate products and coupons.

    Just explore the new places and write some good and informative articles on it with lot’s of pictures.

    A travel blog ideas can give you some good amount of profit, If you can monetize it in proper way.

    Example : Maptia 


    Digital Marketing Niche

    This is a good niche, but what I have seen that in recent time the competition for this niche gets increased. People are getting interesting on this digital marketing niche. Also, there are tons of affiliate products available for that niche.

    This is a one good kind of blog niche ideas.

    Example : Neil Patel


    Self/Personal Development Niche

    If you are good at developing skills and confident person in your life, then you must start a blog on self and personal development. In that niche you can write the articles on motivations and personal development things.

    In this niche, you will get many blog topic ideas to write an article.


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    Communication Skills Niche

    The same as above one. If you are blessed with good communication skills then you should start your new blog on communication skills only. In that you can write about a few articles on how to improve your communication skills with recommending the affiliate products in that post.


    Technology Niche

    Well, We already discussed that this is the most high competitive niche around the internet. Then Why I had includes this niche in our list. Let me tell you.
    You can start your new technology blog and focused on only micro niche.

    Example you can start your technology blog around headphones topic. So you can write the topics only headphones related how they work and the benefits and compression.

    Cover each and every aspect of headphones categories. Write some detailed level review with your affiliate link and earn some decent money from it.

    Example : headphonezone

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    Marriage Niche

    You know that this niche is still not in focus of many bloggers. If you are interested to share some tips related to relationship and advise people on how to marry, then start the new blog around this topic also get wedding blog ideas. You will get success in a shorter time.

    Just done some research on alternative wedding ideas blog and make some real profit.

    Example : foryourmarriage


    Architecture Niche

    We can cover the some good topics in this niche like house plan and interior. Also, you can build some pages in your blog that will tell your readers about cost estimator things.

    If you are a student and not taking blogging as full time, then you should start niche on this topic. You will earn some decent profit in a shorter time as this is the one of lower competitions blog ideas.

    You can find the more real estate blog ideas after doing some research on it. 


    News Niche

    Instead of targeting the global level audience. You can start your new blog with regional news. If you are from Gujarat then you can target one city like Ahmedabad and write some article on those cities in local language.

    If you get the approval in google news then believe me, you will be getting much higher traffic compare to other niches.
    Also, you can monetize your blog with google adsesne and other advertising networks.


    Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niche

    This is the one of my favorite blog idea. You can start your blog with micro niche topics. Like laptops and refrigerator.

    Just write the detailed level review articles on our blog topic and list out the amazon products in your article. You can earn some decent commission from amazon for it.

    But here I have only one suggestion for you that please do not cover all categories. If your blog is around laptops then you must cover the laptop related articles on it.

    Example : soundproof idea


    Education Niche

    This is an evergreen niche and most profitable if you will monetize your blog with right affiliate products. If you are struggling with right affiliate products then you can use google adsense.

    In this niche you can write on learning and education related articles. You can teach the programming and other things like how to drive the car.


    Fashion Niche

    If you are the interested on fashion, then you should start your new blog around this topic. You can cover the articles such as best fashion clothes.
    You can monetize this kind of niche using amazon or any other kind of websites.

    You can find good amount of fashion blog post ideas after doing less efforts.


    Ghost Hunting Niche

    Whether you believe in ghosts or not, but one thing is sure that this is the most searched topics on the internet. Some people are interested to read ghost stories and some real paranormal experience.

    You should write the articles on these topics like paranormal experience and real ghost stories. Also, you can monetize that blog using google adsense.


    Video Game Niche

    After lunching of few new games in recent time. Video game or gaming industry suddenly moves higher searches and traffics. You can write the articles on different kind of games detailed and how to play those games.

    You can also write the fewer articles on cheat code and some tips for those games.


    Farming Niche

    In this niche you can write the articles on how a specific crop or fruit is grown.
    Starting a blog on farming can help you grow a lot and get the some required information.


    Photography Niche

    In personal life everyone is an amazing photographer. If you want to showcase telnet to your readers, then you should start your blog with some imaging photos and related articles.

    Starting a photography blog ideas can work well.


    Swimming Niche

    Are you swimmer or love to swim? Start a blog and teach others how to become a successful swimmer and the things to keep in mind while swim. You can also share the some Swimming tips with your readers.


    Cricket Niche

    This is the most successful niche in case of event blogging. If you love the cricket and die hard fan of cricket.

    Then you should start a blog on crickets niche and share your knowledge to your readers. You can also target the IPL and world cup kind of event in that blog.


    Yoga Niche

    In today’s time yoga is the main key to stay healthy. You can start your blog on yoga tips and benefits of doing that.

    By targeting this yoga niche you can get the traffic from india as well as outside the countries. You can monetize your blog using google adsense and other any display banner ads.


    How to’s Niche

    Last but not the least, In this niche you can write the articles like how to fix dead phones or any kind of detailed articles.
    You can monetize this blog using any display advertisement networks. This niche will provide you flexibility to write articles on different topics.

    It is one of the best blog writing topics.

    Blog Ideas Generator

    You can generator the some good amount of blog ideas. Below are the few websites that can help you in that.

    Blog Ideas For Beginners Takeaway

    If you really liked this article about blog ideas for beginners. Still, if you have any kind of confusion, then you can reach us via comment. I will try to help you to select your blog niche.

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