The battle for customers is one that businesses are always waging. There are very few who can be satisfied by simply relying on the customers already won. But sometimes it can seem like you’ve looked just about everywhere you can. Of course, with the internet at your disposal, that’s never quite true. There are thousands and potentially millions you can reach. Even if you don’t make all of them into your customers, the brand recognition you get from using the net can help do that for you. Below, we’ve put together a few tips on just some of the ways the internet can help you find more customers.

Find More Customers


The internet connects you to people, as we’ve already said. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be straight to your potential customers. Rather, it can be to a network of like-minded, friendly businesses. Working together has all sorts of benefits. Sharing information and tips. Cross-promotion. Most importantly for us, referrals. If you bring the right offer to the table, you might be able to find a partner willing to redirect business your way and even share leads.

In search engines

Perhaps thousands of times a day, people search for your services online. Not you in particular, but they might search for terms like ‘plumber’ and you might be a plumber in their area. With search engine optimization from sites like you could better connect to them. SEO uses keywords and matches locations to IP addresses to make relevant sites more visible. Put some focus on it and your new customers might come straight to you.


Through social media

Search engine optimization as part of your website is the core of online inbound marketing. Similarly, social media is the core of outbound marketing. All businesses should have active social media and content going out on it. But one of the reasons many don’t is because they don’t have the time. Or perhaps don’t know how. One of the benefits of outsourcing social media is that you get to pick up a few tips as you let the experts do their thing.

Through influencers

Partners giving you referrals isn’t the only way to use others to your marketing advantage. Influencer marketing uses tastemakers such as bloggers and podcast creators. With it, you connect your marketing efforts to their already existing audience.

Browsing the web


The internet and other businesses are also ripe with ad-space that they need filled. It’s how they pay the bills for keeping their site up in most cases. recommends Youtube video adverts as one of the most effective methods of getting your ads out into the web.

In the data

The internet does more than connect you to more people. It also allows you access to data of those connections. On your website, you can find where exactly visitors are going. Once you know the most popular pages, you can optimize them to convert more visitors into paying customers. Similarly, you can use data from surveys and online purchases to get a better idea of who your customers are. With that, you can be even more specific in your marketing.

Find More Customers

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