Aside from your customers, your staff are going to be the most important people to your business. These are the guys who are going to make every little operation at your business possible, and act as the face of your whole brand in some cases. With this in mind, it’s important to get your first recruitment drive right. Here’s some helpful advice on finding the right employees for your business.

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First of all, try to give prospective employees a good reason to work for you. If you’re in the start-up period, then you’ll probably be pretty stretched in terms of financial resources. Unfortunately, more established professionals know what they’re worth, and probably won’t work for the salary you’re able to offer. The next big way to attract great candidates to your business is giving them some good reasons to work for you. Sell your company as the next major player in whatever industry you’re targeting. That’s what you’re aiming to be after all, right? Tell people about the opportunities to advance without having to deal with the red tape of larger corporations. At the very least, talk about what a fun and sociable place your office is. These and similar tactics are some of the best ways you can attract quality talent.

Even if you can put across an attractive brand better than anyone, you may find it a little hard to attract the people you want working for you. The important thing in this situation is not to settle. If you hire a load of incompetent or otherwise mediocre staff, it will slow efficiency and place an unnecessary drain on your resources. This will probably lead to your very first round of lay-offs, which is always an unpleasant experience. From drafting the job board post to the interviews themselves, have a strict set of criteria which you’ll stick to. It’s only when you’re getting really desperate for hands that you should start lowering your standards. There’s quality talent out there – you just have to look for it!

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Make sure you’re targeting the right pool when you’re looking for candidates as well. This is one of the most commonly neglected steps among new business owners. If you post an ad on Craigslist, Gumtree or a similar site, then you’ll get a massive surge of applications. This might sound good, but will involve a lot more work to find the diamonds in the rough. If you go with more targeted pools, then it will take much less time to find your ideal candidates. A good recruitment network is usually a pretty safe bet. Aside from that, LinkedIn has also proven to be a fantastic site for finding quality staff. You can post detailed job ads, but also search for professionals yourself and offer them an interview directly. You’ll still have a lot of CVs to sift through, but targeting your candidate pool will certainly help you in the long run.

When you come to start your first recruitment drive, be sure to take this advice!

Karan Sharma
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