When it comes time to choose a career path, there are so many different options available. This in itself is something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it means that you are never going to be short of work to look for. However, it does also mean that it can be difficult choosing what to go for. We have all been at certain junctures in our lives when we do not know what job to go for. Plumbing is a viable option for just about anyone, however. No matter what your background, chances are you could enjoy developing a strong career in plumbing. It might even be more versatile than you think. So what are the benefits of being a plumber.

Benefits Of Being A Plumber

Plumbers carry out a broad range of activities in their day-to-day work. From using a Flange Spreader to separate flanges in pipes, to general maintenance. From day to day, there is likely to be no shortage of interesting things to do. But that’s not all. Let’s take a look at some of the other major benefits of being a plumber.

Top Benefits Of Being A Plumber :

Competitive Salary

Some people have a very fixed idea of plumbing not being a well-paid job. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Plumbers earn a very competitive salary, even at a starting rate. What’s more, after a few years of experience, you are likely to be earning quite a considerable amount more. So if the financial side of things was putting you off – don’t let it. This is one job in which you can earn a decent living from the outset.


Job Security

The beauty of plumbing as a profession is that it is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. Plumbers enjoy a rare kind of job security which not many other professions have. It cannot be outsourced with any kind of ease, so you are unlikely to lose your job in that way. What’s more, it is one of the fastest-growing jobs around. This means that there is always likely to be available plumbing jobs. Once you have the right qualifications, you will probably always find work.

Plenty Of Opportunities

The other major benefit to it being such a fast-growing profession is that there are plenty of opportunities. This means that, once you have your position stable, you are likely to be able to find continued work. This is one possible area of concern for those considering this as a career, so it might be good to know that it is an unfounded idea. In fact, you will find that there is plenty of work available for as long as you need it.


Room To Grow

Another common misconception is that you cannot progress to anything else from being a plumber. As it turns out, however, this too is an unfounded notion. As a plumber, you have many potential opportunities to move on in your career. Starting as a service technician, you might well move onto field manager or even operation manager within a matter of a few years. With a little hard work, plumbing can be a lucrative and interesting career.

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3 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits Of Being A Plumber ?”

  1. I normally don’t think about jobs other than mine, but plumbers are interesting. It’s so true that plumbers will always have work available. Hopefully they all that the right qualifications though. Great post, thanks for the insight!

  2. Great post1 Thank you for helping me understand the benefits that come with being plumber. I really like how you explained that “The other major benefit to it being such a fast-growing profession is that there are plenty of opportunities. This means that, once you have your position stable, you are likely to be able to find continued work.” I have never worked with a plumber before but it is cool to know that there are many available who are qualified to fix plumbing problems.

  3. You probably can’t get much better job security than being a plumber. Unless we can find a way to live without water plumbing jobs are not going anywhere. That alone, in my opinion, makes it a career worth considering. I’m just sad more people don’t see it that way.

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