Productivity is a goal every worker aspires to–or at least should aspire to. If you’re feeling unproductive at work, there are probably reasons why. That said, the road to productivity always begins with realizing and identifying things that deter you from it.

More often than not, you’ll find that the major productivity killers are things most workers consider normal. They’re sneakier and less obvious than you think.

Need help identifying productivity killers? Here are some things you should look out for at your workplace.

Workplace Killing My Productivity

The Culture

Your workplace culture can make or break your productivity. A negative culture in the workplace drags you and your colleagues down an endless spiral of negativity and gossip.

If you’ve experienced starting your day on a positive note but finding yourself drained by your work and your coworkers, chances are your office culture has something to do with this. If left unattended, this can diminish  your productivity and jeopardize your health.

The Interior Design

Interior elements as basic as lightning affect your productivity. If you feel like your workplace is getting uncomfortable, then it’s probably time for a change of scenery, which doesn’t necessarily mean a change of jobs. Check out for some awesome workspaces designed for maximum productivity and creativity.

Noisy Co-Workers

Do you work in an office where everybody’s used to having conference calls on loud speaker? Is your cubicle located near an open space where groups hold their meetings? If so, then noise can be one of the main contributors to your diminished productivity. When noise becomes an issue, an office rentalis a quick and efficient solution.

Take advantage of these spaces on days when your office gets overwhelmingly noisy. Office rental spaces like those offered by Common Desk have private desks and working spaces for both individuals and groups.

No Flexibility

Companies that promote flexible work hours are more likely to have engaged and productive employees. For the newer generations of workers, the 9-to-6 grind can feel too restricted, like corporate slavery.

Instead of counting the seconds before you leave, adopt a more output-based work culture so that your employees don’t feel too confined. If you’re working under someone, kindly suggest this to your direct supervisor and be honest about your concerns.

Key Takeaway

When you begin to feel unproductive, it helps to reflect and assess your work environment. The sooner you figure out what’s wrong, the better.

Next to your home, your workplace is where you spend the most time. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that you optimize your time, skills, and talents in order to maximize your productivity. If you’re currently feeling unproductive, don’t fret. The fact that you’re asking is already a step in the right direction.

Take the time to evaluate yourself and your workspace. Once you are able to identify the things keeping you from being productive, you can work towards improving. Remember: the sooner you figure out what’s wrong, the sooner you’ll be able to correct it.

Karan Sharma
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