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If you are a YouTuber and used to create the own content everyday. But struggling for a right audience, then today’s Sprizzy review will surely help you to get the right audience with more subscribe and views.

Before we jump into the sprizzy review, If you are a regular reader of our stackbuddy then you must know we had published the some money making reviews like adnow, popcash and popads.

Sprizzy Review
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    Overview of Sprizzy

    Sprizzy, a family owned company, was founded in 2016 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA. 

    Their actual mission is to help YouTubers grow their channels by exposing their videos to new potential fans. Similar to “matchmakers,” they will match your videos to YouTubers that are searching for content just like yours!

    If we talk about statistics then till now they have successfully promoted over 10,000 channels.

    So if you’re struggling with the traffic and subscribe to your YouTube videos, then you should give one try to Sprizzy.

    You can also promote your own videos on YouTube via YouTube ads feature. It seems a bit technical & you need some good experience about user behaviors and little bit knowledge of SEO. Due to some technical constraint, I recommended using a Sprizzy.

    How does Sprizzy work ?

    So now the question comes into the mind is how Sprizzy will grow your YouTube videos or YouTube channel so fast.

    There are a couple of steps using those; they will promote your videos in front of the right audiences.

    Who should see your videos ?

    I think this step is self-explanatory. So in the first step you have to give the some target keywords with YouTube channel names.

    Now the question comes into the mind is why we need to give keyword?

    So take a one example for you. If you had a created one awesome content video related to SEO. So if don’t provide the keyword in this case who they know that which type of viewers or audience they need to target using their campaign.

    If your seo videos will be shown to sports audience then there will be no meaning and you don’t get the more subscribes.

    So bottom line is right audience is always matter and for that right keyword is needed.

    Prompt your videos

    Thought YouTube videos they will be prompt your videos for the same keyword. So you get the more real audience engagement.

    Get views, subscribers, and real engagement

    As I said that they promote the videos in front of the right audience that it’s natural to get the like, comment and subscribes for you.

    Prodvigate ( Sprizzy Alternative )

    Prodvigate is an official Google partner & They promote YouTube channels on YouTube only

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    Which type of channel does Sprizzy support?

    There is no constraint on YouTube channels. Sprizzy allows all type of channels. Following is list for the same.

    Sprizzy Review & Network Details

    Name Details
    Minimum Payment $ 50
    Payment Frequency NET30
    Payment Method Paypal
    Country US
    Contact Email support@sprizzy.com

    Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes. If they are unable to promote your video for any reason (for example, Google/YouTube Ads didn’t approve of your video), at that time, Your money will be refunded immediately.

    Create Sprizzy Account

    The registration process is quite simple and straight forward. Click on the below button and it will be redirecting on registration page.

    After that just enters your email address and password. Click on the sign up button.

    Sprizzy Review Add Channel

    Then it will be asking for you add channel name. Just click on add channel button. 

    One more popup will open, and you have to enter your channel name which you want to promote using Sprizzy.

    Sprizzy add videos

    After that search for videos that you want to promote and enter it’s information.

    Sprizzy Review YouTube ads

    Then it will tell you how your videos will look in YouTube ads. This screen will show your ads in both versions desktop and mobile.

    Sprizzy campaign name

    Now first of all select the campaign name. You can choose anything related to your video.

    Sprizzy will do the campaigning for you in 3 simple steps.


    Then there are several option for choose what is your primary goal?

    We will discuss each and every options in detail.


    If you have selected this option as your goal then Sprizzy will automatically optimize your campaign’s targeting to increase subscribers.

    Like & Comment

    Sprizzy Like & Comment

    If you have selected this option as your goal then Sprizzy will automatically optimize your campaign‘s targeting to increase like and comment. 

    Website Views

    Website Views Sprizzy Review

    If you have selected this option as your goal then Sprizzy will automatically optimize your campaign’s targeting with the goal of driving clicks to your website.

    Also, you have to provide your website name.

    Page Likes

    If you want to increase your facebook page click then select this option. In this section you have to provide the facebook page url.

    App install

    Sprizzy will automatically optimize your campaign’s targeting with the goal of driving clicks to your iOS or Android app.

    After selecting the goal of you campaign, click on targeting button to proceed further.

    Sign Up For Prodvigate

    If you are still confused about sprizzy then it's time to try other best alternative . Just click on the sign up button and complete the all required information.


    Sprizzy Targeting

    In this section you have to select the audience as per your requirement.

    Which countries users can see your videos?

    Here you can select multiple countries. Then you have to choose the option like Are you promoting a song or band?

    Which keywords/phrases describe your video?

    Just provide the all relevant search keyword related to your videos. After filling up all the required information, click on budget button.


    Sprizzy Review Budget

    In this section you have to define your budget. The minimum you must have to spend limit is $50.

    Pricing starts at $50, which will get you 2,000 views or more. Campaigns of $100 and up will receive an additional 10% bonus views for free.

    More you spend more you get.

    Here is the exclusive deal for you.

    Then select the option like you want to start this campaign immediately or after some specific date.

    Also select the How quickly would you like your campaign delivered?

    1-2 days or 7-10 days based upon the requirements and finally click on save and continue button.

    Payment Option for your Campaigns

    Here they provide you two types of payment options.

    Manage Campaign

    Manage Sprizzy Campaign

    From this screen you can add the new campaign, stop and remove the campaigns.
    This screen will also show you the number of active and finished the campaign.

    So you can get every detail about your campaign for one screen only.

    Below are activates that you can perform from this screen.

    Engagement report

    Sprizzy Review Engagement report

    Using this screen you can able to see all the statistics like total number of views, likes , comments and share with date range filter.

    So you can take the decision related to your ongoing campaign.

    Sprizzy Referral program

    You can earn 150 FREE views by referring your friends to this network.
    For everyone that signs up and creates a campaign, you’ll both receive 150 free views!

    Sprizzy also allow you to automatically promote your videos whenever you published the same on your YouTube channels.

    Sprizzy Features

    Sprizzy Review Takeaway

    User Interface 80%
    Publisher 75%
    Support 85%

    If you are struggling with real & right audiences for your YouTube videos then Sprizzy is the right platform for you.

    So in this Sprizzy reviews, you learned how to setup your first campaign and get more engagement on your YouTube videos, Also answer the most asked question is sprizzy legit ?

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