Adnow Review & Payment Proof Of Native Ads Company

If you are new in blogging and you have recently started your website then you have to join the adnow native ads advertisement network. You can earn some extra money with your website. The review will help you to understand how they work and what are the pros and cons for this network. In this review I will give you idea about adnow company and some payment proof of them, That might help you take your decision regarding this network.

Adnow Review

As you all know when we talk about publisher advertisement and earn money using your website at that time Google Adsense is best of among all of the advertisement network. But sometimes we all heard that google has been disabled and banned your AdSense account for no reason. So here what I suggested that do not put your all egg in one basket.  Here what I mean is do not depend on the only source of income.

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What Does Native Ads Mean ?

Native advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, The form and function of the platform upon which it appears. In many cases, it manifests as either an article or video, produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform’s editorial staff.

The native advertising is a sub-set of the catch-all content marketing, meaning the practice of using content to build trust and engagement with would-be customers.

Native advertising can be a promoted tweet on Twitter, suggested the post on Facebook or one of those full-page ads between Flipboard pages, but more commonly it is about how brands now work with online publications to reach people.

Example Of Native Ads

  • Online video advertorials
  • Sponsored content
  • Branded content
  • Product placement
  • In-feed ads
  • Sponsored posts (Facebook)
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Google Text Ads

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About AdNow Network:

The story started in 2014 when a bunch of digital geeks passionate about the digital marketing, RTB and Big Data decided to make a new hybrid native ad format. This format was designed to serve ads and make the discovery of new and interesting content very easy and user-friendly.

In December 2015 They started working with webmasters, and publishers’ platform was opened for everyone. Since that time, through getting more feedback from clients and our partners, the algorithms and the mathematical model were changed over 12 times improving the selective mechanics.

2 years past and in 2016 they are proud to be a platform for over 150 000 partners, serving over 4 billion impressions each month throughout 107 countries.

AdNow Network Details:

Commission Type: CPC /CPM, Native Ads
Minimum Payment: $ 20
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Country: US
Contact Email: [email protected]

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You can earn some extra money using monetize your blog and website with adnow network. Below are the reasons for why you need to choose & register for the publisher account.

  • 150.000 webmasters trust Adnow
  • Earn more with your community
  • Weekly payments
  • Starting with 20$. Paypal and Wire
  • Earn more with the same ad unit
  • No code conflict with another ad systems
  • Safe ads
  • All ads are moderated
  • Comfortable workflow
  • Personal manager, local language support
  • Effective ads
  • Average native ad CTR is 1%
  • 5 minutes setup
  • Register now, first payment in 7 days!

How To Register For Publisher Account?

First of all, click on below join button and it will redirect you to home/landing page of website.

Join Now !

After that just click on “Sign Up” button and it will redirect you to the registration page.

AdNow Registration ProcessJust fill up the all required information and click on submit button. Once you submit the page now you have to confirm your registered email account.

Adnow Email ConfrimationYou have received one confirmation email from adnow team on your register email account. Just follow the step and your account will be activated in short time.

Account Activation

Publisher Dashboard

Adnow Publisher DashBoard


In this section, your all approved websites are showing. Just click on “Add Site” button and fill up the required information.

Add New SiteWidget:
Before you use Widgets functionality you must have to add at least one website into your account, Widgets area is use for make advertising widgets. your all widgets are shown here you can get the code. it gives two code. Place code together for create an ad.
In this area, you will get all report of click, views, income and ecpm. You can customize your report using search filtration part also.
In this section, you can generate a ticket if you are facing any kind of issues and track the status of the ticket.
Its publisher support is good. they are categorized in Normal, high, urgent and immediate publisher according to him create the ticket.

Profile Settings:

In this section you can update your personal information and change your account password.

Payment Method:

In this section, You can select your payment methods in order to receive payment.

Payment Options In Adnow

Below are the available payment options.

  • Paypal – starting from 20$
  • Wire – starting from 200$
  • Wire e-check – starting from 200$
  • Wire InterCash ( debit cards) – starting from 20$


  • PayPal charges 4.5%
  • Wire takes 25$ for the transfer fixed

Minimum withdrawal Limit

  • Paypal – starting from 20$
  • Wire – starting from 200$
  • Wire e-check – starting from 200$
  • Wire InterCash ( debit cards) – starting from 20$

How many websites can we add?

You can add as many websites as you like. If you would like to add about 100 and more contact your manager for the mass upload tool.

Can both Google Adsense and Adnow ads be placed on the website?

Yes, you can. Adnow code does not conflict neither with Google Adsense nor with any other advertising net.

Advertisers Section:

Advanced Targeting Options
Target your users by geo, device, carrier, connection, operating system, browser and additional custom parameters.

GEO Targeting
Increase your targeting relevancy by identifying visitors based on geolocation from country to region and city level.

Carrier Targeting
Take your mobile targeting to the next level and execute a precise carrier targeting. Our exclusive database of IP ranges from 500+ carriers in 100+ countries is crucial for your success.

Supported Ad Specs Type

  • Image: we recommend 200×200 or larger, we will auto resize it to all other sizes. Maximum size is 720 kb.
  • Title: zero up to 40 characters
  • Description: zero up to 120 characters

Rules and Restrictions:

  • Notify us per email if you want to permanently close your account;
  • Accept terms of payment, payoffs and so on, indicated on the Website or sent to you by e-mail.
  • To not break the rules, including but not limited to, the Privacy Policy or any other agreement or regulation which are posted on
  • To not violate any applicable laws, decisions or regulation, including but not limited to regulations applicable to advertising activities, financial services, consumer protection, unfair competition, the prohibition of discrimination, racism, nationalism.
  • To not offer or distribute counterfeit goods, services, schemes, and actions (for example quick money-scheme), chain letters, pyramid schemes and not to engage in any unfair fraudulent activities.
  • To not violate the copyrights, patents, trademark rights, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, and rights of publicity or privacy of any person.
  • To not violate confidentiality and not disclose obligations that you have with other parties;
  • To Remove any advertisement data if it is:
  • defamatory, libelous, pornographic, threatening, and inciting for violence;
  • humiliate or demean a person or group of people on religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or disability basis.
  • Contain false, inaccurate or misleading information.

Payments Policy

  • The payments are made to Publishers (Webmasters) once a week by Adnow by wire transfer to the bank account, bank cards.
  • Minimum payment amount 20 USD.
  • If the balance is less Adnow will add the amount to the next payment.
  • Payments are made in USD/EUR.
  • Adnow assumes no liability and makes no representations or guarantees with respect to the timely and proper functioning and payment by banking payment system.
  • Webmaster is responsible to supply valid payment details, if details are wrong or if the Webmaster changes its payment details, it is the Webmaster responsibility to notify by mail 3 days before Payment due date.

Adnow Pros:

  • Approval process is easy
  • Accept all language
  • Real time update
  • Referral system
  • Fast Support
  • You can use adnow network with google Adsense program

Adnow Cons:

  • Sometimes ads are not related to content
  • Publishers cannot filter ads that they feel are irrelevant or inappropriate for their websites

Referral Program:

You can earn some extra money using refer your friend for join the adnow network, It gives 5% earning of referred member.

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Adnow Review Takeaway:

The adnow native ads advertisement network seems good and the rate is also good. You can monetize your website with them and earn some decent amount of money. Apart from this they also support so many payment methods and the payout is also low compared to other networks.


Support - 8%
Payment Schedule - 8%
User Interface - 6%


Out Of 10

The adnow native ads advertisement network seems good and the rate is also good. You can monetize your website with them and earn some decent amount of money.

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User Rating: 2.65 ( 1 votes)

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  1. Hi,
    I’m using adnow on my website and it’s good native ads network. I always get payment on time.
    But the problem is now ads of adnow is not support on Facebook browser. If you post website link that using adnow on Facebook, the visitor come from Facebook can not reached your site because website will close automatically when ads of adnow nearly appear.

  2. Adnow is a scam.
    My account block after i earn $300. When i send ticket for withdraw then adnow block my account.

  3. Adnow is a fraud company. don’t use adnow ads becoz when you will earn and request for payment they will give you excuse for late payment frequently and at least they will make your account payment 0$.

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